Thursday, March 17, 2011

This one time...

Yeeks, my week is going from crap to crappier.

Totally couldn't hang in a dance rehearsal today after school. Totally ran out of energies and maxed out on hip pain.

My plan to deal is this:

1. Eat a lot of pizza.

2. Don't run.

3. More pizza.

4. More of not running.

Okay, wait. Before I started in on #1, I videotaped myself doing the rest of the dances so the ladies could practice our routine. Maybe this way I can not do anything until Tuesday. Maybe that way my hip might stop being the hip of a brittle old granny.

I videotaped on my laptop. THEN I started in on #1. Since it's St. Patty's maybe I'll sub some "special" coffee for #3 later. You know, go crazy. Then again I might just pass out in a pizza coma at 7:32.

I thought you might enjoy some screen shots of my weird solo dancing.

I feel like I am really channeling my inner Biebs in the first one:

Who rocks the sweatpants like nobody's business? Someone else, I think.

Aand The Creep. My arms are T-Rexin'...

That's enough for now, Interwebs.


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