Wednesday, March 16, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

When I was a kid my mom used to sing the songs from The Sound of Music to me if I couldn't sleep. I actually didn't see the movie until I was out of high school, but I have a fond memory of all the songs. It works, too. I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don't feel so bad. Har har har. I'm serious.

Last night was a bummer night. It's been a bad week. In an effort to remember that life is good no matter what the future holds, I've been clinging to some of my favorite things (like Hanko and Roo). Here are some of the other things making my world a little brighter tonight.

"Tulip trees", or (as I now discover they are actually called) Saucer Magnolia trees. Best part of any run lately, hands down. My favorite flower is a purple tulip and this is like a whole tree full of 'em.

Husbands in baseball hats. Yum. Particularly husbands in baseball hats, wearing Harley shirts and playing with kittens. And particularly husbands wearing baseball hats that they bought to match their son's baseball team. Adorbs.

The smell of rain on asphalt.

Cadbury Mini Eggs. This one year after we got married, we got about 15 bags for Easter and we saved them in the freezer. They didn't freeze so well but we didn't care so much. I was convinced I was over them until E brought a bag home today. Om nom nom.

Modern Family. Consistently hilarious and consistently (and eerily) relevant to our lives. I'm about half convinced someone has a hidden camera in our house that they're using for Phil/Claire material.

Claussen Kosher Dills. Balm to my wounded soul.


This week there have been metaphorical dog bites and bee stings. I've been feeling bad. Mostly I've been feeling worried. Tonight I am going to soak up all the good this house has to offer. Then I'm going to eat some smoked pork shoulder. Couldn't hurt.

Here's to remembering that there's joy in small things.


  1. I LOVE those trees and have a few on my run too.. thought about planting one, but was bummed the flowers don't last too long.. perhaps I'll do it anyway.

    Oh, and my sisters swear by those pickles. I might just have to try them. They swear that because they stay refrigerated they taste better.. true??

  2. Yes, the refrigeration makes a difference. They're crunchy, not soggy. We're addicted.

  3. Sorry about the not great week. Unfortunately, I completely understand. I'll pray it gets better for both of us!