Friday, March 04, 2011

Oh, now I remember what this was like.

I haven't opened my computer at home since Tuesday night. Weirds. Gawd, this week was killer. Good, but killer. Luckily nothing overlapped with anything else, but it was a standard-issue "run from one thing to another to another" week. I would say there was a time a few years ago (when I was directing the dance program and teaching full time and volunteering to do way more things at school) when every week was one of these weeks. While I'm thankful that life is not as hectic anymore, I think I'm less equipped to handle it (and more apt to complain).

Grumpy McTiredpants. Like that? Totally bringing my A game in this pic.

This morning as I was in the shower, I had a thought. This kind of crazy schedule is terrible for my health. Let me back up by saying that I only slept last night from 10:00-1:30 and then again from 4:00-6:00. I had a really screwy bout of insomnia that wouldn't go away until I up and moved myself to the couch. I was stuck in a loop in my head and I couldn't turn my thoughts off. So this morning was a rough one, and I was thinking about how hard this kind of schedule is on my body. I feel like poop. My back hurts, all I've had to eat for about five days is processed food and soda, and my weight which had been consistently in the 143-148 range for most of last year is up at about 155 again for the last week. I just feel gross and unhappy with myself.

I miss vegetables.

I did run this week which I am thankful for. I got plenty of exercise. But I wasn't able to get to a lot of things that I wanted to get done and I've been walking around with a nagging to-do list in my head since Monday. I read a quote earlier this week (I wish I could find the exact quote or remember where) that went something like this:

Any day when you are too busy to run is a day when you are too busy.


BUT I am determined not to continue to be down. Since I had this crazy busy week, I thought it would be good to remind myself of all the wonderful things that happened. Busy doesn't mean bad at all. Sometimes busy just means you're fitting in more awesome, more real life.

Good Stuff This week

-Ad ran 2 miles for the first time at Girls on the Run
-Henry and I sat in the sunshine and did his whole homework packet for the week

-Got to dance with my friends at school
-Had the opportunity at a meeting to be honest about some things that are bothering me
-RAN (like, the whole thing with no walk breaks) FIVE MILES. The hip felt great. No pain.
-went to Thai food for E's 32nd birthday

-Got to dance with my homies at school again
-Coached Girls on the Run--which I am LOVING--and saw Ad run 2 miles AGAIN. This time faster!
-Got to see our school's Mock Trial team shine at county competition

-Burned through some serious work obligations and was able to stop worrying over them
-Danced with mi amigos AGAIN at school
-Saw our school's Mock Trial team AGAIN, felt glad that I am lucky to teach kids who are so dad gum smart, felt lucky to be a part of a long-successful program like MT

-Ate some delicious fried food
-Took a big fat nap
-Anxiously awaited Henry's report of his first baseball practice

This week is packed with real life and family. We're going to celebrate Henry's 6th birthday (JEEZ!) and I'm planning a wonderful 8 miler in the morning tomorrow. Life should be back to normal--back to manageable--by Monday.

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  1. Hey I recognize that quote ;-)
    8 miles tomorrow?? Awesomesauce!
    BTW I had the BEST convo with Henry yesterday! I just love your kids!