Saturday, March 26, 2011


If you dance with the same group of people long enough, you learn to sense where they will move.  Like a mother scooping a wayward toddler leg in mindless anticipation, you reach out to support your fellow dancer before she can fall.  In improvisation this is especially true.  One must learn to catch a hurling body or trust enough to fly confidently toward a partner's strength.  Physical and mental connection are paramount.  Wordless exchanges happen in the eyes.  A glance to a fellow dancer says I'm here; I'll make this look good to the audience and I'll be good to you.

That's the kind of teamwork that's difficult to teach.  Often dancers don't discover it until they've been dancing for a long time, but a taste of that group magic holds addictive power.  Once you've had that support onstage it is all you pursue: a zen state of achievement and encouragement.

At last night's opening round of the state Mock Trial competition, I saw our students do that dance. Each person's bright performance said to the others you can do this too, I've got you.  As a teacher I'm humbled that they're capable of such great work.

I can't wait to see what they do today.

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