Sunday, March 20, 2011

Elusive sleep/ There's an app for that?

I decided to spend the last $1.07 (well, my last $0.99, actually--seems like you can't buy any songs for under a dollar anymore so the balance has been lingering) of an iTunes gift card on the Sleep Cycle app and test it last night.  I'm not convinced it is going to do anything for me other than a few "oh cool" moments, but it was kind of neat to see what it showed about my sleep last night.  Seems like it matches up with when I know I was awake because of the storm.

What I'm really looking for is the app that gets your pets to sleep through the night without whining three times at the back door to go potty in the rain.  (Yes, he doesn't get water late at night.  Doesn't always help.)  I'm hoping that same app has a function that allows your allergy-suffering husband to breathe like a normal human rather than an asthmatic bear, and that the app encourages your children not to have nightmares, crawl into bed with you at 3:00 AM, or stick their knees into your back.

I'm sure you can't get enough of my whining lately, but in the current era of hip pain and work stress, I need to add lack of decent sleep to the list.  Indulge me.

I'm pretty big on sleep on a normal day.  I nap way too often for a grown up.  I go to bed really early.  I think I probably need about 10 hours a day, either through night sleep or napping.  Usually the kids and I hit the sack at about the same time.  But for unknown reasons lately, I am getting no solid blocks of sleep.  It's making me cranky, can you tell?

On Friday night E was gracious enough to sleep on the couch so I could try to get a good block.  I fell asleep pretty quickly, but he came in to "drop off" the cat at about 1:00 AM and I thought it was time to get up for work.  Fail.  I did go back to sleep but I didn't make my mark of sleeping straight through.  It didn't happen last night either, even though he wasn't home.  The storm outside sounded like it was going to push the hot tub through my bedroom wall.  Sigh.

Often times it goes like this.  The dog whines at the back door to pee.  So I let him out.  And then I go to the bathroom because I'm up and if I don't go now I'll just have to go in ten minutes which will mean getting up again.  The cat yells at me in the bathroom because she wants more food.  Then I let the dog back in and get back in my bed.  Then I lay there and listen to E's snoring or allergy breathing.  The dog starts snoring and or passing gas.  Then I get mad that I'm wide awake.  Then the cat decides to lay on my head/stomach and purr.  E sticks his elbow in my eye.  Then I get mad again.  Then I start counting hours until I have to get up.  Then I lay there for two hours.  Then I get up early because I've had enough of everyone.

Henry was never a good sleeper as a baby.  Actually that sentence shouldn't be in past tense or limited only to when he was a baby.  He isn't a good sleeper now.  But the years 2005-2008 were the worst because he (and I were screaming at alternating intervals from 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM.  This feels like that again.  If I can just get Hurley, Twinkle, E, Henry and Ad to all settle and stop making nighttime into personal party time, I'm going to be a much happier camper.

Otherwise, as I told E Thursday night, I want a pair of earplugs.  And my own room.

With a lock.


  1. I've heard that pups can get in a routine and don't really have to go to the bathroom... it's just normal for them to go out and then we indulge them and so it continues the cycle. I imagine it might be hard to ignore, and there might be a few accidents, but over time he should be able to hold it. He's definitely old enough! :)

    Hope you get some sleep soon!

  2. I sleep next to the world's loudest snorer, and I swear by these earplugs that Target sells for kids. They're in pack of 10 or 12 pairs, are bright orange, and are made of pliable wax to fit in your ear. They block out so much noise that I can get a good night's sleep. Check 'em out, they're like $3 for the pack.

    And my cat is on some weird sleep cycle - he gets up between 4 and 5 am every morning and wants to play. He tells me this by smacking me in the face with his paw. Jerk.