Sunday, February 27, 2011

What's in my bag?

Yup, I'm doing one of these posts. Why not? I love to read them. I actually can't believe I haven't done it before.

I did do one about my desk last year. Nothing like a peek into someone else's business. :) Enjoy.

My favorite bag is a purse I bought in New York a few years ago at a Filene's basement. I love how it is greyish-purple; it seems like it goes well enough with everything. At least that's what I tell myself so I don't have to switch purses. When I switch purses I lose things. I think I'm doing okay, and then I take an old purse out of my closet and there's a sack lunch in it that's from the Jurassic era. Okay, I'm kidding. It was a bag of Skittles and it had dead ants in it and it was stuck to a pacifier. What?

This bag is big enough that I can fill it with movie snacks, a water bottle, my lunch, or papers I need to grade. It's a like a diaper bag for grownups. People frequently say to me (when I can't find something at the bottom of the mess) "why don't you carry a smaller purse?" and I have no answer.

But when I carry a small purse I feel like a cartoon. Like a big guy with a little umbrella. Awkward.

I couldn't just show you the pretty display of all my stuff--most of the time I'm carrying around a bag full of junk. I have no organizational scheme, unless you count "junk pile" as a scheme. This was what it looked like inside the bag, too.

But I figured it would be easier to make it look neat. Here we go.

  1. Pretty bag from my Aunt Anne. No idea where she bought it, but it holds my feminine necessities so I can walk to the bathroom or lend things to others in need without alerting the period police.
  2. Makeup bags. I don't own a bag large enough to fit everything, so I try to keep one in my bag with things like powder, eyebrow pencil, mascara (read: necessities) and the other is for when I need to do my full makeup and I will throw it in. I believe I put my face on in the car at work several times this week, which is why I have both in there now.
  3. Kid purse/pants' pocket purse. This serves two purposes. Right now it's holding my kids' Christmas gift cards so I don't spend them (accidentally or otherwise). When they earn or receive money from family it goes in here for the same reason. That way I have it when we're out so they can spend it but I won't forget where I put it. I also hate carrying a purse if I can help it so I keep this handy for times when I need to stick my drivers' license and ATM card into something and carry it in my pocket.
  4. Garbage I've been carrying around, including a free ice skating coupon from the night we saw White Christmas. Oopsies.
  5. Coach wallet. It used to be a really bright, pretty shade of white. That was until I dumped a 32-ouncer of iced tea on it at Subway. That goes into the category of "this is why we don't have nice things." I can't even take care of a nice wallet that someone else gave me. Scheez. So now it's tea-dyed. At least it looks kinda uniform.
  6. Flip camera, since I've been video-taping myself doing the dances for the ladies in Staff GQ so they can practice. No, you can't see the video.
  7. Earbuds. You never know when you might need to get down with your bad self. Or tune someone out. Or play Plants vs. Zombies surreptitiously. Or run. Or NOT listen to your son's Weird Al songs.
  8. Thank you notes I need to put in the mail.
  9. My zippered pouches for grocery and household expense cash. I am a fan of the cash for the month thing. It has SO greatly reduced our monthly spending on everything but it makes me weirdly less nervous about how much money I'm spending. Being able to see the money I have left makes me feel better.
  10. Eyeglass cleaner cloth that I ganked from Addie. My glasses are ALWAYS dirty and I am not a fan.
  11. iPhone case that is almost never on my phone. I am forever taking it off to charge it or dock it.
  12. Christmas card envelope with a broken necklace inside. It has been there since Christmas day. I took it out so I'd remember to get it fixed.
  13. (almost not pictured) a good pen and a Chapstick. Obsessed, on both counts.
  14. ID tag from Christmas. I put it in my bag to remind myself to find somewhere to put it when I run. Since I already have a RoadID from Kelly, I haven't found a home for it yet. Maybe someday.
  15. CD from my TA (aww...) entitled "I'm Lizzing." (30 Rock reference) Does this kid get me or what? I haven't listened to the entire thing yet, but I believe it is filled with Mumford and Sons, Cage the Elephant (is that a thing?) and The Lonely Island.
  16. Checkbook. For that ONE time I need to write a check every month and I never have a checkbook. I carry it around so I won't need it. The second I take it out of my bag, I need it. Go figure.
  17. Misc: A watch I just had repaired, a hairband, the ubiquitous bobby pins I leave in my wake, a nail file, a ring, watch links I had taken out of a new watch, powder, prescription eyedrops from that one time my eye was all nasty.

So? What's in your bag?


  1. Challenge accepted. Check my blog in 5 minutes and I'll have my purse posted!

  2. Oh how I love a good purse post! A totally legal, non-stalker way to peer into someone else's life. :)

    I've done these before, but that was pre-baby. Perhaps it's time to share my own grown-up diaper bag.

  3. I did one once, in list form. No photos. I think the photos make it much more interesting.

    Might be time for round 2.....