Thursday, February 03, 2011


I ran errands.
I got fingerprinted so I can be an assistant coach for Girls on the Run.
I bought new coffee. Irish cream flavored, my favorite since forever.

I opened the back of the house, flooding the playroom with winter sun.

I caved in the marital standoff we've been having about the dishes (because I'm weak and I always cave).
I was frustrated with myself for being weak.
I didn't have any solutions that didn't involve dish-washing.

I found my kitchen countertop, then the sink.

I cooked the most perfect tri tip roast and grilled zucchini.
I let the BBQ smoke waft over me so I could pretend it was summer.
I walked in my bare feet even though the February cement stung their soles.

I flipped through baby pictures with E.
I wondered if a backup hard drive is enough assurance.

I stuffed myself with Oreos and Kettle chips after dinner.
I steeped in a hot bath.
I caught Hurley on my bed for the umpteenth time this week.

I watched four episodes of Dr. Quinn. No, five.

I got in bed at 7:26 with no plans to get back out.
I got back out because I remembered I still had to do my physical therapy.

I was thankful E had something to do because I had no choice but to laze it up. No need to be fabulous or entertaining when he has other company.
I fell asleep, letting my mind wander around through my weekend plans.

At least, I plan to.


  1. Aren't lazy yet productive nights the best? I did this on Wednesday night - the BF borrowed my car so I was stuck at home. I got a TON accomplished and was still lazy enough to play 10 games of Wheel of Fortune on Facebook.

  2. You inspired me to get back to my To Do lists. I've already accomplished so much this morning in an hour!