Monday, February 07, 2011

Roo on the Run

About to go run (me), Just back from practice (Roo)

This afternoon was Addie's first time at Girls on the Run.  It went great!  Henry and I dropped her off (I'm helping to coach on Wednesdays) and played on the playground while she got to know the girls on her team.  I love this organization--all about positivity, confidence, and being active.  I'm glad that Ad is enjoying herself.

Today they mostly got to know each other and they played some active games.  They ended with a lap around the track.  I'm not sure how big it is, but it looks like it's about a half mile.  My little Roodle Noodle was running her skinny little legs off.  Henry and I watched from the school and we were so proud.

She was all fitted in her new gear--Daddy thought she should have a tech tee and a little jacket to go with her new running shoes.  The whole thing is too adorable for words.

I'm inspired.  Time to go hit the road, myself.


  1. She's so cute!! I just got back from a 30-min skate around the neighborhood....had to take advantage of the great weather!

    Hope you had a good run!

  2. That's awesome that she is doing Girls on the Run! It is a fantastic program. I coached a few years back and really enjoyed it - I wish I had time to do it now, but maybe in a year or two.
    Hope your run was great too!