Monday, February 21, 2011

A quick one.

No blogging for two days... I've been compiling the grad school stuff and sorting everything into the appropriate school file. It amazes me how different the applications are from each other when they are all basically versions of the same program. Oh well. I hope to get all this off my desk and out of my head tomorrow. Wouldn't that be a lovely way to start the week? Having applied to graduate school, having put my faith in God and Academia to decide what the next two-ish years of my life will look like?

One can hope.

Today I've been grading, too. Grading the papers that piled up over the last two weeks as I let my creative juices flow into my 25 page 5700-ish 5900 word piece of fiction. Did you know, Internet, that's the longest thing I've ever written? Second place goes to my Concord Essay on John Brown's Raid for 11th grade AP US History (at 5000 words) and third place goes to my paper on Job and Yahweh (at a paltry 2500 words) for my beloved (seriously) Old Testament as Literature class in college. Ah, writing.

I'm not finished grading, which is exactly why I am engaging in avoidance behavior to the tune of one 6:00 blog post. I have about 30 essays left, and worrying that they are laden with the same errors I saw in the first 35 or so is making me a bit loth to grade the rest. Who knows, maybe I will be surprised. Maybe there's hope for de yutes of America. Maybe I'd like to keep my job so I will abstain from commenting further.

Did I mention how awesome my job is? Because it is. Hopefully later this week I will get the chance to write about something wonderful and heart-warming I did at work on Friday. (All this talk of teachers getting fired and unions getting un-unioned gives me the pit sweats.)


Speaking of sweat... This afternoon I took Addie Roo for a run around the block. One mother-daughter mile. She did really well. I figure since she has today off from Girls on the Run it did her some good. Plus I got to talk to her A LOT to distract her and keep her movin'. After we did our mile together I did two more miles on my own. Just me and Neelix the Garmin. I wore my heart rate monitor today and tried to watch it carefully. It's really helping me to learn a lot more about how I run. I managed not to wear myself out too early and of course I had all kinds of fun data when I got home. CHARTS FTW! I made Roo stretch with me once I got back. Being responsible is so hard. Maybe if I pretend like it's important for her to do it I will do it too. I NEED to do it.

So that's about it. It's my faux-Sunday so I'm going to (hopefully) get the week all sorted out so I can be chipper and cheerful tomorrow (is that redundant?) as I start my week.

Right after I grade these essays.


  1. I was wondering if you had seen the story about the teacher, but it sounds like you have! We have it written into our contracts that we shouldn't blog, fb, or tweet specifics about my company and most importantly the clients. Talking about the client in social media would pretty much get anyone fired. I'm curious if teachers have anything like that built in.

  2. I loved my Old Testament class, too! I don't remember much from it now, but I enjoyed it a ton!