Friday, February 18, 2011


E: Henry, I'm going to make you your own room.

Henry: Cool.

Addie: Finally!

(furniture moving, grunting, E realizing he is not 18 anymore)

Henry: Yayayayayayayayay!

Addie: Yay, finally!

E: Goodnight, Henry. Goodnight Roo.

(two minutes later)

Henry: I can't sleep.

E: What do you need?

Henry: A drink. (drinks)

E: (Takes Henry back to bed, checks on Ad) Roo? I just wanted to see if you were awake too.

Addie: Why, is Henry up?

E: He's already been out of bed once. Do you want to go sleep in his room with him?

Addie: Why, did he say something?

E: Let me go see. (Goes back to Henry.) Henry, do you want your big sister to come sleep with you?

Henry: (pause). Yes.

(Ad Jumps out of bed, runs in Henry's new room.)

Both kids are now sleeping in the new room together. I love my kids. Buddies.

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