Saturday, February 26, 2011


Enough with the full-time seriousness.  A little update on running.

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I've been doing okay.  My goal was to run three days a week, walk 1 or 2.  Plus two days of dancing.  The first two weeks of the month were great, and then I got tired and life happened.  I decided to up the schedule a little bit, so today I planned to run 5.  Unfortunately the trail I was on ended up being flooded and once I turned around I was running straight into an icy wind.  I cut it short and only did 3.3, but my legs and hip felt fine.  In the last two weeks I only ran two times (which is lamesauce) but I don't feel like I'm going to quit or anything.  I still have enough momentum to move me ahead.

My biggest challenge right now is the schedule.  I don't do well when I have to run AFTER I do something else: teach choreography, coach Girls on the Run, work extra long, whatever.  I think I have a good plan:

Wednesday--dance/ coach GOTR
Saturday--run long

I still feel a bit hindered by the doctor's warning that I shouldn't run on consecutive days.  I think I need to email or go see her to figure out if that's still the case.  There have been days where I felt like I could run, but I didn't want to do two in a row and run the risk of messing up my hip.  I've been so ridiculously careful with my physical therapy and hip since I have started back to running.  I just want to be smart.

So there you go.  Even though my long run wasn't so long today, I'm glad I went.  It was freezing and kind of miserable on the way home but I don't have to run anymore this weekend.

E and I are going to try to do something fun tonight to remind ourselves that we like each other.  And why we like each other.  Things are looking up.

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  1. You inspired me to start up my physical therapy exercises again so I can get back to running again some day! Keep up the good work!