Friday, January 07, 2011

What. The. Fuzz.

Ugh, this week! I was only off from school two weeks, but my body slipped into a kind of summertime ease that I haven't been able to shake. I tricked myself into believing that my duties at home required full-time care, and now I'm stuck trying to accomplish them on a part-time schedule. I'm amazed by how difficult it is to make it out of bed, get everyone ready, drive to school, work a full day, pick up the kids, and cook dinner. Weeks like this I wonder how I ever did anything like run, walk or swim in my free time. My free time seems to be eaten up by things that need doing, and even if I had a moment off, I'd sooner pass out in my bed than accomplish anything extra. I've been treading water all week just to stay afloat. Fancy tricks would send my tired ass to the bottom of the pool.

School-wise, I had a good week. Or, I suppose, I should amend that to say that classroom-wise, I had a good week. A great one. Unfortunately this was a total sucktastic week when it comes to the cesspool of negative bullshit that swirls around outside the classroom. I wonder all the time lately if my entire teaching career is going to be tinged with the difficulty that has trickled down from the bad economy all the way to the local educational institution. I wish I had a better memory for the years o' plenty when I first got hired, and that was only the early 2000's--not so long ago. It's all doom and gloom and ridiculous arguing and poor communication and people being bitchy and idiotic for so long now. This was no glowing week of perfection in the educational system. *sigh* But like I said, my kids were great. I tried hard this week to teach well. I guess that's what I have to hang on to, right? Things are bound to improve, sometime.

At least that's what I tell myself. Repetitively.

We've been grayed in since Christmas--and yes I know there are worse things for one than two weeks of fog--but it's making me sad and cranky and impatient. My every meditation this week is some variation of feeling sun on my shoulders. Sun on the beach. Sun in the backyard. Sun in a field. Maybe I need to drive to the hills for a reprieve.

This weekend E and I have a planned date night and I hope to sneak over to the cheapie massage place for a little beat down. Hopefully I can get in a little Sunday walk with K. Mostly I'm looking forward to not being at work for two days so I can recharge my batteries.

The weekend forecast shows sunshine--I've got my fingers crossed and my heart set on it.


  1. Ooooh a massage sounds delightful! Where is this cheapie place?!

  2. You can always visit me any time you want a healthy dose of vitamin D. I know you live in Sunny California, but for some reason I think my sun kicks your sun's ass.