Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Resolution and a Request

I did make one real resolution (as opposed to Goal Setting I and II), of the New Year's Resolution sort. I resolved to comment more often on other people's blogs. I love the blog world and all the people I have met in it... Sometimes I get down that I can go for long stretches and not get comments on my posts. Well, duh! Those are the same stretches where I'm guilty of reading other people's blogs daily--obsessively--and not leaving them a little comment to say hello. Comments rock, right? If I'm going to read so many blogs daily, I owe it to the authors to leave them a little comment love.

So here's my request. Can you leave a comment here with your blog address? I would love to come over and say hi. I know that I follow some of you, but I would like to add more to my list and check out your sites. I'm always looking for something new to read, another peek into someone's life. I'm not picky! I would love it if you'd introduce yourself and leave a link.

I figure this way my other readers will get some ideas of new blogs to read too. Ready, set, comment!

Thanks mucho.

P.S. Regulars, comment too! That way everyone else can find you in all your fabulousness. And that way I don't look like the kid with no friends at her birthday party. OMG, the attention-whoring is strong in this post. Humor me?


  1. Ha ha! I'm a frequent reader of yours! :) but I think you already know that! Lol
    My blog is over at davidandstaceygongwer.blogspot.com
    Blog world, thy name is Stacey.
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  2. Although my blog rarely lacks any real focus, I'd love to hear what people think. I feel ya Heather.. sometimes I ask questions and no one responds. I don't even have close to the readership of yours, but when 15 people look and only one says something *sigh* ... it makes ya wonder :)



  3. You are the best Heather. I love your blog. Plus I know you and your beautiful family in real life too! Bonus for me.

    I love blogging, who would of thunk it? And since you introduced me to Reader, it is like reading a magazine or newspaper everyday, where everyone is mostly happy and good things are happening. :)

    I am also being more conscious of commenting on the blogs I follow.

    I hope to get more followers on my blog too. I would like to do some giveaways etc. (Or, blog candy) as I have seen on a lot of the sites I follow. Their are a lot of talented people out there.

    If anyone would like to check out my blog, it is:


    I did follow one of your blog followers yesterday. She had a beautiful site. :)


    PS - Sorry this is so long. LOL

  4. I love reading your blog! Though didn't post much last year, my goal for this year is to keep my blog more up to date.


  5. I read it! I'm not the world's best commenter though, which I guess means I shouldn't harp on people for not commenting on mine. ;-)


  6. I loved seeing all your comments when I accidentally discovered them! It really made my day. I always have comments but never think that people would want to read them. Now that I know that you do, you can count on seeing little "hug" notes from me!

  7. Hi. You know me. I'm your sister-in-law's childhood BFF, and I've known your husband since I was five. You read my blog. And I don't comment often enough on yours. I read yours daily. :-)


  8. Hi! I'm Kristina and I blog over at tina's tree.
    I've had you in my google reader for a while now and entirely enjoy what you post about.