Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Holy Sweaters a total P.U.

Right after Addie was born, I was on this orange kick with clothes. Maybe it's because she was due on Halloween, and we had this cute little pumpkin outfit for her to wear home from the hospital.  Maybe it's because she was a November baby, on parade for Thanksgiving.  I don't know if I was trying to match her or if it was inadvertent, but that time period in my wardrobe is marked by orange sweaters, like nubby-wool tree rings.

Tonight, in an effort to curb my uncontrollable bone-chill, E tossed this old friend at me.  It had been a while since I'd worn it.  Apparently some hungry little bugga-buggas found it in the meantime.  Sad.

Yeah, my bedroom walls need repainting.  For, like, years.

I hate when things get ruined.  Grrr... (I hate when people post "womp womp" on the internet because I feel like that such an incorrect spelling of the perfect sound.  But this is a womp womp kind of moment.  Only I think I'd rather spell it whaa-whaaaaa.... because that seems more onomatopoetically correct.)  Stupid bugs.  Stupid sweater that I liked so much.  Stupid, stupid.

Oh, Debbie Downer.  You gave me great LOLs.

Also in whaa-whaaaaa... tonight, we have the fact that I got all excited when I saw on Facebook that the California Lottery is up to some ridiculous--like, crazy money--number.  I sent E out to get a ticket, but of course it was too close to tonight's draw so it wouldn't let him.  Sheesh.  Not our night.  Hopefully nobody wins (sorry Traci) and it rolls over?  Maybe?  One can only hope.

For realsies, I want to know what the deal is with me and being so frozen I can't get anything done at night.  Our house is warm.  We have lots of blankets.  I'm wearing sweats and sweaters and socks and blankets and a cat.  And I can't heat up at night, ever.  I always feel by the end of the day like the cold has soaked into my bones and I can't get it out.  I took a nap under my electric blanket this afternoon (didn't help), cooked dinner (still cold), ate dinner (icicle hands) and finally decided I needed to scorch myself in the tub because it was my only hope.  I'm feeling warm-er, kind of warm-ish, but I know tomorrow afternoon it will start all over again.  Poor circulation?  Fatigue?  Every freaking winter.

Also, I wouldn't normally give so much attention to something so... base... but THE DOG IS STINKING UP MY ROOM TO HIGH HEAVEN.  P. U. Good lord.  Hurley Dog has had some tummy troubles of late and he's just now back on his regular food.  It's an adjustment period, apparently.  Time to crack a window.

And on that note, I bid you adieu.


  1. Your poor sweater. At least you can still wear it around the house. :-)
    And I hear ya about the cold thing - if I come home cold, I can't ever heat up. Right now I'm in Denver, where it's like 30 degrees with a cold wind. I've been in my hotel room for 3 hours and still can't get warm, even though I'm in the bed under 3 blankets and have the heater cranked up to 75. I hate being cold!

  2. That last sentence made me laugh and it also made me count my blessings (yet again) that I don't have a sense of smell. Now, regarding the orange phase, I once had a boyfriend tell me that only confident women wear orange, so from that statement I deduce that following the birth of your daughter you were feeling extremely confident. Okay, so I'm kidding, but it's an interesting theory, don't you think?