Monday, January 31, 2011

Here we go again.

Ah, life. Lots of opportunities to start and stop things. And to re-start after I stop.

Reminds me of all the data analysis in public schools. Try, succeed, fail inevitably, feel bad, shame others, work hard, succeed again, congratulate self. Lather, rinse, repeat.

The cirrrrrrrrrrrrrrcle of liiiiiiiiife!

But I digress.

I'm able to run again as of today. I sat on my hands and waited it out until the four additional weeks my sports medicine doctor suggested were able to pass. I did my theraband exercises. I stretched four times a day--I really did. Mostly I just drove myself and everyone else nuts.

I say "run" but what I mean is run/walk. Don't care, it's something! I'm in the second phase of the plan I've dubbed "Rehab Running", the run/walk phase. Phase II is supposed to last another month. If you remember from my last post on the subject, the doc told me to treat my hip like it's a person who has been sitting on the couch her whole life and never run a lick. When she told me that I thought oh, sure. But my hip is special (or thutt--ha!, as I read on this blog and totally snorked my coffee). Um, yeah. I got on the treadmill today and my thutt was not special, it was tight and a little tender. It didn't hurt, per se, but I could feel that it wasn't up to par. Day 1 of Operation re-Couch to 5K-Myself? Juuuust right.

Dang doc was right. Dangit. *Kicks dirt clod.*

I can report that just the promise of being closer to a real running schedule and the freedom to move my body up and down in a repetitive running motion (even for shortshortshort periods of time) as though escaping from a giant bear has made me happyhappyhappyhappy today. Like, "I got up at 5:15 and got on the treadmill"-happy. And it appears that happy breeds happy. Getting my workout over and done with--CHECK--means I can sit around all night watching ma'Stories and nobody can make me feel guilty about it. Sweet.

Today's workout:

Walk 2 minutes, run 1 minute. Times ten.

See, I told you it was weak. But I feel good that I got up, I did it, I'm one day closer to a real training schedule, blah blah blah Science Science Science BABY STEPS.

Best part of my little plan is that the doc forbid me to run on consecutive days. So tomorrow? Mandatory rest day. I like this schedule already.


  1. If you ever need a walking buddy on one of your "slow" days, drop me a line! We'll be back in EG in early March and I'd love to get my pregnant self out and about. :)

  2. Yay! So back you are back in it. My knee has been killing me, but I am babying it with lots of foam rolling out of the IT band and massages after long runs.. kinda working :/ So I feel your pain.. but I know you'll be back in it in no time!!