Thursday, January 06, 2011

Around the House

I love being a bum at home.  I can't wait to walk in the front door, lose my work clothes, bundle up in my comfies, grab a cat, and get cozy.  Tonight we're watching my niece.  Well actually, E is currently rocking her--or at least, he was until they both took a snooze in the chair--so Henry, Twinkle, Hurley and I are livin' it up.

Isn't she getting big?  This was her just back in September:

Henry and I played a new game from Christmas, Left, Right or Center.  I promise it has nothing to do with politics.  :)  After that we played a round of Go Fish.  He's a total card shark.  I love one-on-one time with him because he is so polite and such a crack up!

I thought I'd share this is from this afternoon, too. Big boy growl.  Hurley Dog appears to be feeling much better and has more energy than I've ever seen.  He also just learned how to play tug-of-war a few days ago.  What dog has to be taught tug-of-war?  It's our new favorite thing to do after school, though, right before we take a big nap and before Dad gets home to take him for a walk/run down by the creek.  I'm happy our pup is feeling well again.  He's following E and our niece around like crazy.  He's so concerned about that little crying human.

Ah, lazy nights.  Love 'em.


  1. I love getting comfy at home, too. But I can't justify getting into my pjs again at 11 am, so I wait until after my hubby gets home and THEN I can get into sweats or jammies. The joys of home!

  2. Your 4 legged babies are getting so big. :) Your 2 legged ones too! :)

  3. That boy has so much personality! Such a funny kid!
    I can't believe Twinkle is already big! Why can't they stay little for a little while longer!! :) (yes, I mean the cat and kids!)
    My dogs play tug-of-war ALL the time! It's rather funny seeing a big dog lose to a 6 lb yorkie!

  4. There is nothing like kicking off the work clothes! You had me at " polite little kid" I have a while till my little guy is ready for manners( he's 3 mths) but I'm ready for advice!! :)

  5. I love everything you mentioned in this post! Comfy, cozy, babies, fun kiddos, and cute pupsters! I tried teaching my dog fetch but he apparently thinks he is above that. Oh well.