Tuesday, January 25, 2011

American Graffiti

Another night, another walk with the dog to a nearby field. 
 Hurley was happy to run circles around us the entire time. Again.

Ad leaned back and watched the horizon for trains and birds. The boys tossed around a ball.

I know it's socially unacceptable (and probably a byproduct of living in the squeaky clean suburbs) but I like graffiti.  I can feel E rolling his eyes as I type that.


I mean, the idea of graffiti is so wrong.  I'm not pro-vandalism.  But I kind of like it in that it's a little surprise art.  It's the flash mob of painting (more permanent, yes).  No hate mail.  I know it's wrong.  But anyway... I just like to look at it.  It fascinates me in cities and hidden corners of suburbia.

And tonight when I was looking at the graffiti on the railroad bridge, I noticed that the bridge was built in 1934.  Does anybody else do that?  Look at bridges and buildings and daydream about their beginnings?  I'm always looking at the dates on things and then trying to picture what was happening at the time they were brand new.

1934, right smack in the Great Depression,  this little railroad bridge was built.  I wonder what was around it.  My guess is, nothing.  And here it sits today.

Weird, right?

Weird to me.  And cool.

After the walk we came home and Twinkle did her best "I can't hear you."

Oh yeah, and this.  It was on my camera from school.

John Locke.  Me.

No?  Not so much?


  1. The weather this week has been wonderful, glad to see you guys are enjoying it! I wanted (well still want, I guess) to be an architect and I absolutely LOVE looking at buildings and knowing the history behing the building, design, architect, etc.
    History is just so fascinating to me! I wish now that I had gotten a minor in history like I had originally planned.
    (sorry for such a long comment! haha)

  2. I'm a giant history nerd and love picturing all older buildings/structures as how they were when first built.

  3. You're not alone in your love of graffiti. I love it too.

    Your pics in this post are fantastic -- especially the first one with Addie in the foreground.