Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tales from Sports Medicine

I'm back from my sports medicine appointment, and rather than feeling like I got called into the principal's office, I feel like I aced a fatty final exam. BOOM. I don't know why I'm always afraid when I go in--oh wait, I do... it's because I'm scared of everything--but I got verbally high-fived by my doc today for my regained strength from physical therapy and swimming, and she laughed off my confession that I haven't done anything since Christmas.


All of her tests today confirmed what the PT said a few weeks ago, that my legs are equal in strength and my hip healed well. She said today she can see a big difference in the swelling over my right knee/ IT band. Since I've been having no pain, this is all great and it makes my little day. The only area where I didn't score high marks was the flexibility of my right hip flexor. That's been around a long time, like since bun-head ballet days. She said in order to fix the flexibility there I need to amp up my stretching to FOUR TIMES A DAY. You guys, I don't do anything four times a day, except maybe use the bathroom. That is going to be a challenge. Hey, we all need goals, right? So if you see me stretching in the middle of the Wal Marts, keep your giggles to yourself.

As of today I'm released from seeing the doc... Go forth, young PDawg. Be free... I have one more appointment with the PT to see how I'm progressing, but as of today here is their plan for me, which I like (not that anyone is asking). You can bet your sweet bippy I'm going to spend some serious time on Excel this afternoon (oh crap, as I type this I am realizing that Excel is one of the things that I don't have on my new Mac Fuji yet. I guess I will be doing this on Google Docs until I can get him up to speed.) to plan out my next few months. Nothing I like better than a chart or a checklist.

But here's an overview of what lies ahead:

2-4 more weeks (I'm going with 4 because I'm trying to be extra conservative about PT): continue strength-building PT, regular stretching; swimming and walking okay

4 additional weeks: start a walk/run plan to build back the endurance in my weaker muscles. No run/walking on consecutive days, but I can alternate with swimming

After that: RUNNING :)

She explained how she wants me to gradually get back to running by incorporating short runs (like a few minutes at a time, at first) into longer walks. As I listened, it reminded me of a Couch to 5K type thing, so I asked her if I should handle it as though my hip was a person starting to run who had never done any running before. She said exactly. I know that it will try my patience a little, but it will feel good to move, even a little. I'm planning to continue the swimming for at least the next two months, and then I can reevaluate what I need to do for cross-training. The weather will be better by then (I hope) too.

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