Thursday, December 09, 2010

::Sadface:: I miss running.

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Swimming is going well.  It's kicking my butt and making me so tired that I can barely drag myself out of bed in the morning.  I'm not to the place where it energizes me yet, but I'm hoping that if I stick with it, I'll get there.  Right now I'm settling for feeling tired at night and for not waking up with Crazies or wasting hours on worry.  My muscles needed to move and swimming seems to fit the bill.  I love the pool at night--just me and the old ladies and the guys who keep to themselves--it's a very calm environment.  I'm still rockin' the animal print swim cap and just this week I decided I was tired of trying to battle the water in my ears, so on Tuesday I tried some earplugs.  Seems like a good fit for me.  I don't know if that's something people do or not (does that make me a total dork?), but for whatever reason my left ear was trying to hang on to water, causing problems the next day even with ear drops.

But I miss running, hence the sads. Who would have thought that when I was just setting out for my first run?  I am finding that it's much easier for me to swim than it was in the beginning, and I am glad to be exercising... but I miss a few things.  I don't get the same sense of being outside when I swim that I do when I run.  It is kind of peaceful to be in water that much, but I don't feel as connected to the seasons as I did when I was running.  I also enjoy the solo factor of my little swim, but I don't feel like I can zone out at all.  I know for sure that the zoning out is a huge plus for me when I run.  It doesn't happen on every run, but frequently enough that I feel the mental benefits.  Swimming, for me, is about continuous counting of breaths in my head.  That's the hardest part for me--I can breathe much better than I could when I started, but having to break breath down into a rhythm takes any relaxation out of it for me.  I'm sure I'm over thinking it.  I know.

I think it might help me to get out and walk.  I haven't been able to make that a priority since nightfall comes so early lately.  I'm still doing my Sunday walks with K and I have to say they cheer me up more than I expected.  It's like a little taste of what I was getting from a regular running schedule.  I really want to start to plan one (a new schedule) for myself, but I have to wait a few weeks until I see the physical therapist again so I know what I can do.  Right now I'm concentrating on stretching and getting stronger--and sadly when I had all that tooth drama I just let my PT go out the window.

On my swimming--I'm increasing a little bit each time I go--basically following the swimmers' version of Couch to 5K.  Little chunks, that's my style right now.  I already see huge improvements in my upper body strength and my ability to breathe through my swimming workout.

I haven't forgotten about my two goals for running--run a 5K with my dad, and (I think) run a full marathon.  I just think I'm suppposed to be learning some patience right now.  I TOTALLY HATE LEARNING PATIENCE, BTDubs.  But I've been so inspired lately by people running marathons.  I can't help it.  Our cousin (on E's side), Travis, just lost 100 pounds and ran his first marathon in an amazing time.  I'm also not above admitting that I loved watching Ada kill it on the Biggest Loser marathon the other night.  In the past when I've thought about running a full I've always thought there's no way I could do that and but now I think why the hell not?  The challenge for me will be finding the time to train.

Oh wait, and healing my busted-ass hip first.  Dammit.

Anyway, I'm trying to remind myself all the time that all this swimming will only make my heart and lungs and legs and whole body stronger...

and I still miss running.  Le sigh.


  1. Be happy for the swim time chica! I die a little more each day from the no running/swimming sads! I am so proud of you for going to the pool and being patient with the PT! You rock little mama! :-)

  2. I hear you on this one. I had to quit running a few years ago because of an ouchie knee....I got so inspired by The Biggest Loser marathon the other day that it made me want to start running again! And I now have a goal to join the less than 1% of Americans that finish a marathon!

  3. I want to start running, I love jogging outside but it's SO COLD, it's impossible. And the treadmill just ain't the same :/
    Swimming is a good idea!

  4. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE SWIMMING!!! It's so gooooood for you. Keep it up, Heather.

    And patience does a body good. I've been pulling muscles and tweaking nerves in my legs, back and shoulders like CRAZY since I got pregnant. At first I was devastated about it, and then I realized I needed to slow down and WALK instead of run. Now I'm on the mend and considering a MILD run/walk today. Wish me luck.