Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oh hi.

Yeeks. I have barely written any blogs lately. I hate when I spend my posts apologizing to death for not writing... so I won't go there but I will say I'm surprised by my lack of wordiness. Wonder what that's all about? I think it's all about fatigue and responsibility. And getting lost in a book for a few days.

Friday was the last day of the semester and though my week didn't go as I envisioned (vacuuming, swimming, cleaning, wrapping, shopping) it ended up being busy (finals, stress, migraine, scrambling, errand-running) but it was over quickly.  Just ripped that Band-Aid right off.  Riiiiiiiiiiiip.  Friday night was spent partying with my fellow teachers, laughing so hard my face needed periodic breaks.  I love my friends.  I love that we can laugh about our job.  Sometimes it feels like it's the only thing that gets me through.

Saturday all I could do was glue my patoot to the couch and watch The Nun's Story.  The weather around here (rainy) has a way of encouraging my hermit tendancies--as if I needed any excuse to lock my introverted self away like a shut-in--and I happily obliged along with Miss Hepburn.  It was the perfect movie for a rainy, reflective day.  I highly recommend it for its quiet representation of the struggle of faith and obedience.  It was beautiful.

Sunday I didn't post because it was family Christmas #1.  I say #1 because we counted and there are 6--yes, Virginia--6 family celebrations of some sort that we'll be attending this year.  I write that knowing that many of you will roll your eyes at the obtuse display of excess that is six Christmases, but I can happily say that we've found a place where those six events all work around each other with ease.  We've found our voice as a couple, too, and I feel like we can attend (or not attend) as it best suits our family in any one year.  This year it works out to see everyone.  So here's the breakdown, if you're keeping track.  Sunday was my dad's side of the family, Christmas Eve is my mom's side of the family.  Christmas morning is Santa, our quiet Christmas at home with the kiddos in PJs.  After that we'll head around the corner (literally) for a brunch with my mom and dad, sister Lis, and BIL, D and their boys.  Over the next few days we'll celebrate with E's mom's side of the family, and end with a Christmas with his parents, sister, BIL, and their daughter.  Phew.  I know it sounds crazy--it might be.  There have definitely been years where all of that obligation feels difficult rather than easy, but this is not one of them.  I'm thankful this year for all of the gatherings and all of the people we get to see.

Yesterday I saw Black Swan with K, and it's still sticking in my brain.  I had weird dance dreams all night last night.  Of course I had to see it because it's a ballet movie, but it's not just a ballet movie.  It's very similar in theme to The Wrestler (same director), and it has many elements of really being about the main character's psychological breakdown.  It's more of a thriller.  In fact, there were a lot of "ew" moments for me and more than a few jumps out of my seat than I expected.  I am so glad I saw the movie, though.  As somebody who was/(is) so proud to have danced in the corps during a professional performance of Swan Lake, I so loved how the movie's storyline paralleled the ballet; as an English teacher/Lit nerd, I loved the symbolism of her psychotic breakdown and hallucinations.  It was just amazing.  It didn't leave me feeling good or peaceful, but applying the same test I do with books--did it make me feel something?  was I completely lost in it?--it passed as amazing.  I appreciated the authenticity of lots of small details about the type of person who becomes a professional ballet dancer--and the parts that didn't ring true were still fascinating, interesting choices.  It's definitely a mature movie, a weird movie, a sexual movie and a dark movie; as one of the characters says of ballet in the film, it's not for everyone.  I am so glad I saw it though, even though I wimped out on some of the gory, suspenseful parts.  Really interesting.  Natalie Portman is amazing.

I feel like I've been in my house a lot so far this vacation.... and that's not a bad thing.  Movies, reading, cooking, cleaning.  (I also royally effed up an entire batch of Chex Mix. Failey Failerson.)  E and I watched The Town--also great, but will somebody I know please see it so I can talk to you about the whole "guy commits a crime and then stalks you and it's supposed to turn into a sweet love story" thing?  Definitely written by a dude, am I right?  Okaythanksbye.

Today I cleaned.  Mmm hmm, preach it.

Okay, E helped me clean.  Can I get an Amen?

Today I also finished reading Cutting for Stone--this post started off in my mind as a book review and now I feel like I've thrown too much else into the mishmash--so I will post this, then I will immediately type that in a separate post as it deserves.

(In the spirit of my well-intentioned ninth graders who are sometimes at a loss as to how to conclude a piece of writing:)

I will now conclude my post by saying I have had a lovely week and I love vacation.


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  1. My movie critic husband loved Black Swan. He called it the "anti-Nutcracker." He said it was like a weird, artsy horror movie, but you "don't realize it at first."

    I know a lot of ballerinas. I've interviewed A LOT of 'em for the newspaper, so I can't wait to see the movie, if not just to get a break from the prissiness of the ballet world. I've also read far too much about the making of this movie to NOT see it. Oh, and Natalie Portman is hauntingly beautiful in it, no?