Monday, December 06, 2010

Impromptu Stay-at-Home

We're in this weird period of time where the kids are off from school but I'm not, so they're being watched by various family members.  Today my mom was supposed to have them but ended up with a touch of the stomach flu, so I called in a sub.  I needed to clean my house, so it was win-win.  I can't say it's sparkling over here after a day of cleaning, but it's much better than it was.  Between my recent tooth shenanigans and various other things we've had going on, the house was a total disaster area.  I started the morning by cleaning the monkey's playroom and organizing their bookshelves.  I've noticed that they're reluctant to play in that room lately, probably owing to the fact that there was no floorspace.  As soon as I cleaned the shelves and picked up (okay, they helped) everything from the floor, Ad exclaimed "Mom, it's so big in here!" and they dove in to a concentrated, three hour pretend session of Littlest Pet Shop and My Little Ponies.  Henry and I played catch this afternoon and then read Ralph S. Mouse and some Junie B. Jones.  It was great to have a day for the three of us--nowhere to be all day--and to stay in our jammies.  Tonight we also got some good news about Ad's (previously) bad eyes: they improved so much she almost doesn't need her glasses anymore.  Considering how we felt when we got the initial diagnosis a few years ago, this is a huge relief.  We didn't know if her eyes (which were really weak at the time) would continue to get weaker or if they'd ever improve.  She still loves her glasses, too.  Days like today really give me a taste of what it will be like to be on Christmas vacation.  To say I'm excited about it would be an understatement.  :)

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