Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday To-Do List

Before Christmas:

-Make some Chex Mix
-Bake and decorate sugar cookies
-finish super secret crafty gifts
-buy those last two family presents
-wrap EVERYTHING (sigh)
-watch Meet Me in St. Louis, Bad Santa, Elf (again), White Christmas (again), Family Man
-sneak some of Mom's homemade candy
-drive around with monkeys and look at Christmas lights
-take monkeys shopping for each other, E
-load Christmas CDs into iTunes (how are they not in there already?)
-lay on couch listening to Christmas music and squint at tree.  A lot.
-help kids make some kind of ornaments/ presents
-keep my damn house clean(ish)

Fa la la la la, la la la... AWESOME.


  1. In my experience, the Christmas CD's don't end up in iTunes because they'll randomly show up in say, August when iTunes is on shuffle.