Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Oh, final days of vacation. You are so good to me and yet slightly sad because I'm trying to avoid the countdown back to work. I'll happily fill you with the sunshine of good company--real sunshine* apparently only appearing at this point as a caesura between storms--but you are slipping through my fingers.

I've spent lots of time this vacation watching good stories--probably my favorite way to spend alone time if I'm not running. I'm on an Audrey Hepburn kick at K's suggestion--in the last two weeks I've watched The Nun's Story, Roman Holiday, (most of) Charade (--I'm working on it), Breakfast at Tiffany's and Wait Until Dark (Two for the Road was a few weeks ago). I am also watching my way through a box of movies that included Crossing Delancey. I re-watched The Holiday, It's Complicated and The Family Stone on TV. I went with my parents to see White Christmas and with K to see Black Swan and E and I had a good laugh at the most inappropriate (and funny) Christmas movie of all time, Bad Santa. Man, that seems like a lot of TV and movie-watching... I'm not sure how I had time to do anything else! That doesn't even include the eighteen-or-so episodes of Dr. Quinn I've seen this week (my guilty pleasure) or the first disc of LOST on blu-ray (a Christmas present).

It's been a good week in books, too. I finished up reading Cutting for Stone early last week but I waited to download any new Kindle books until after Christmas, just in case. Last night I bought Cleopatra: A Life and I have Major Pettigrew's Last Stand up after that. I spent some more time perusing the free Kindle downloads list and I came away with The Picture of Dorian Gray, Little Women, Emma and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, all classics that I have yet to read. Nothing like stockpiling free reads for a rainy day. I did a little non-book window shopping on Amazon last night, too. I think I'm going to use some Christmas money to treat myself to two things I didn't get but really wanted--new skullcandy earbuds (Hurley ate E's old ones) for running and an iPhone armband that's actually made for an iPhone (unlike the wonky one I've been jamming my phone into for two years).

Today I put away Christmas presents and made the family room presentable again. The kids asked me to open just one more box about every half hour or so. Henry's so excited that his little feet can't hold still. The ants in his pants have ants in their pants. I Skyped for the first time ever. (Here's a comment that will make me sound 90 years old but I don't care because it's true:) What a trip. I loved it. I found my kitchen, scrubbed a few dishes, dumped all the old food in the fridge. Do you see me, payday? I'm so ready for you. Come on over.

I had thoughts about leaving the house today but anything I wanted to accomplish outside the house didn't seem worth getting wet/ washing my hair/ putting on a bra and(/or?) shoes/ being cold/ the effort. Maybe tomorrow... I have to see the doc so I can tell her I haven't been doing my PT exercises as much as I should for my hip since Christmas... (I feel like I'm getting called to the principal's office!) so I'll be out anyway. I've got big plans to make soup with K and to eat ice cream for my sister Lis' Christmas Eve birthday. Big day.

Did I mention that I love being on vacation? I feel like my life is my own.

*Did I ever tell you this, Internet? When I was a kid, every time I saw rays of sunshine through a cloud, I thought that it was what God looked like. Like I could really see HIM right there, you know? Shining through the clouds in some beams, showing Himself to the whole world? I know I got a bookmark in Bible study that had a verse on it with those beams of light and they're definitely one of the more utilized motifs in Christian inspirational accoutrements and children's books. So I associated beams with the man upstairs. For this reason, I still really enjoy those moments when the sun filters through in clearly defined beams. It's a happy little memory.


  1. Have you seen Woody Allen's "Hannah and Her Sisters." If not, Netflix it. If you lived nearby, I'd let you borrow it. It's a good NYC/sisterhood/ridiculous-in-the-pretentious-Woody-Allen-kind-of-way movie.

  2. @Heidi--not yet. Actually, I have a few Woody Allen movies on my "see soon" list. I haven't really seen any of them. Working my way through old movies one at a time. :) I'll add it to my list!