Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Well that just made my little day

Last night after wrangling teaching the hormonal masses, grading some terrible papers and preparing a healthy dinner, I was dog tired; the 5:00 darkness really takes a toll on me and I'm quick to get in bed early on a fall or winter's night. At about 8:00 (after I listened to E clean the kitchen for an hour--what a GODSEND) I was toast. I grabbed my fresh new copy of Real Simple and headed to bed to watch The Daily Show.

Me time.

I snuggled down under the heavy quilts, shoved my arm under the stack of pillows, propped myself up and flipped open the magazine.

And there on page 32 was something I wrote (mine is the first response, "posted by Heather"):

Click photo to open larger, zoom.
You'll notice the artwork was inspired by my little answer, too!

Here it is, enlarged. That's ME!
Cool, right? I mean, it's not a big thing, but it's a little thing that got picked to be in a magazine. It made my little day, as Addie would say.

I added Simply Stated (Real Simple's No Obligation Book Club Blog) to my Google Reader some time ago because I like to see what books they're reading. From time to time, they pose a question for the magazine. I responded to this one some time ago and promptly forgot about it. The blurb (my answer) is about a gift I got from K. It's one of the most beautiful things anyone has given me, period. I was so touched by the sentiment at eighteen, and I am just as moved by it today. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw the question.

The page was marked with a red ribbon

It still sits high on my bookshelf, protected from little Sharpie-wielding hands. I've read it to the monkeys, but I don't want anything to happen to it. K gave it to me with a card (now tucked away inside the cover) and a ribbon marking the passage I wrote about. I treasure it.

Love it

I'm happy that something that means so much to me was the inspiration for my little brush with magazine question-answering. I'm also happy I got to make K's day by calling her up last night to say "hey, you need to go get your new copy of Real Simple and open it to page 32."

So, my friends, I pose the same question to you. What's the most beautiful book you have ever received?

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  1. AWESOMENESS. If I were an editor at Real Simple, I'd run your response too.

    Your teacher must have been floored by this news!