Thursday, November 04, 2010

Pot, Kettle.

Sunday afternoon, day after I drowned my iPhone.  Phone conversation.

Me: Honey, I dropped my iPhone in the toilet.


E: Is it dead?

Me: Yeah. I tried to save it. I didn't have any rice.  I couldn't.  It died.  There's nothing left.

(Pout, pout, crazies, pout...)

E: What's the matter with you?  It's just a PHONE.

Me: I know, but I don't like this.  Remember how you always want to fix things, and I just want you to feel bad for me and say "I'm really sorry that this happened to you?"--that's not what I want this time.  I want you to fix this.

E: It's just a phone.  You don't NEED a phone.  What's the big rush?

Wednesday evening, day after E's XBOX displayed the red ring of death.  Text conversation.

Me: Costco killed me.  :)  but I'm happy we have 20 new meat items in the freezer plus a bag of chicken breasts.  that's so comforting. :)

E: Yeah, I luv you meat

E: PS I take back everything you I said about you being addicted to your phone, take a break, so expensive to replace, etc

E: I NEED my xbox

E: Might be having a panic attack myself here :)

Me: I ruv a meat!  Hmm.  Interesting how the tables have turned!

Me: Don't panic though.

E: I fully understand how you felt when you had no favorite electronic device available

E: I'm panicking because call of duty comes out in 6 days!

Me: I know.  I guess it was a good analogy.  We will get it fixed b4 COD comes out.

E: Kthx

That's all.  We are equally addicted to our respective electronic devices.  Thank you very much.


  1. while this won't help the phone issue...
    tell him to call the xbox 800 number. any time we've had the ring of death, they have replaced it free (and paid for the shipping!). call them.

  2. That's true, as long as you're still under warranty. Mine's just barely not. But I am planning to call and beg.


  3. Lololol. My husband had to go out and buy a new Xbox immediately. It was driving him crazy...whereas my broken camera is still sitting on the coffee table. SO...guess whose going to get herself a new camera this weekend :)