Sunday, November 14, 2010

Instead of working

Instead of working right now, I'm:

Playing on Facebook
Cleaning up the family room
Taking pictures
Opening the windows to let in the air and the sunshine
Watching Henry play video games
Moogie-ing the cat
Teasing Roo
Dreaming about real blog posts
Looking for my camera battery charger
Wishing I made a double batch of blueberry scones last night
Thinking about how 8 years ago I was pacing around waiting for my first baby to be born
Wondering where 8 years went
Remembering how amazing it was to be pregnant
Remembering how uncomfortable it was to be pregnant
Remembering how long those hours were that I was in labor
Remembering how scary it was to have my first C-section
Remembering how cool it was to hear Roo cry
Not working
Remembering how I sobbed uncontrollably the night before Roo's first birthday because she wasn't going to be a baby anymore
Not doing much of anything
Being really happy

Enough of that, time to plan my next unit!

If you'd like to read more Roo-being-born stories (no gore, promise), you can read the story of her birth, Sunny Side Up, or the story of her name, What's in a name?

Happy Sunday.

1 comment:

  1. Right now instead of working I'm drinking coffee, looking at Facebook, watching Harry Potter trailers, and online shopping for running pants. Feel like I'm back in grad school with all this procrastination ;)