Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Injured--me 'n' my phone

Two injuries to report. One is mine, the other is to my iPhone. More on that in a sec.

I was so busy all weekend that I haven't written anything since my doc appointment Thursday. Here's the deets, as best as I understand them:

I have IT band syndrome (duh) which was caused by weakness in the muscles of my right hip.  Those muscles (that normally stabilize your weight when you land on one leg, preventing your hip from pushing out) were weak then they got strained, which then caused me to try to stabilize with other muscles, which meant that the muscles in my butt got strained as well.  Yes, I miss the days of tendus and degages that kept my hips strong.  :(

Apparently my IT band is not tight (good news) but the caddywhompus way I'm landing with one hip higher than the other is pulling my IT band tight at the knee, thus creating tendonitis and pain at the outside of my right leg.

Fun, right?

So what I need to do is this:

1) Get the inflammation down.  Even though I'm not having sharp pain like I was, I have swelling at the side of my right knee and I still have pain in my hip/butt when I just walk.  I can't do anything until this goes down.  So ice, anti-inflammatory meds, etc.

2) Strengthen my hips/butt.  The PT gave me some good exercises to do, but I'm not even supposed to start doing them until it stops hurting.  Needless to say it's been about five days since I was in the office and I haven't been able to start the exercises yet.

3) Stretch.  I should know better, but when I started running I bailed on most stretching.  Thus I have tight hip flexors (haven't I always?) and I need to do some serious loosening of all things leg.  As with the strengthening, I can't start until I stop hurting.  Which is not yet.  Which is frustrating.

4) Keep seeing my doctor.

So all of that is supposed to take me 3-4 months.  No running.  Walking short distances, only after it stops hurting.  I'm not super enthused about not being able to run.  Running is pretty free for us since we have a treadmill and (you know) the great outdoors.  We have a bike but it sucks.  I can't exactly swim in November in Northern California.  So it sucks.  I've decided not to do anything about it yet because I'm still pouting.

Yes, this means no full marathon in the spring.  I need to do what I'm supposed to do, get strong, and then maybe I can think about starting all over again.  *sigh*

The second injury--my iPhone.  (May she rest in peace.)

I was at my family cabin this weekend with some coworkers, and in an effort to stay available to one friend who was almost there--I wanted to make sure she could find the place--I tucked my iPhone in my back pocket.  I decided I needed to use the facilities before heading down the the river... forgetting my iPhone was in my back pocket, I pulled my jeans down and---

it wasn't pretty. Well, it could have been much worse if it had fallen in AFTER I'd *ahem* done my business. As it was, I wasn't too excited about getting it out of the toilet.  It's still a toilet, even when it's clean.

So I tried to dry it out but by that night it stopped working entirely.  I WAS (/AM) SO MAD AT MYSELF FOR BEING SO CARELESS.  Ugh. I hate things like that.  I know they just happen, but I was not really wanting to shell out the dough for a new phone this weekend.

I decided to give Blackberry a try.  I've been frustrated with typing on glass since I got my iPhone two years ago.  Plus with Blackberries (and not with the iPhone) I can try it for 30 days and then return it for another iPhone if I hate it.  So I'm giving it a try.  So far I like it a lot, though it's taking some time to get used to using another user interface.  I totally love having a keyboard again.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Mine spilled over into yesterday when Henry woke up and promptly barfed.  Oh, motherhood.

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