Thursday, November 18, 2010

A character study

Thanks to Travelin' Oma for the inspiration for today's post.  She's so creative.  I'm back among the living today, but not too alive.  This week was Root Canal City, Population: me.   More on that tonight (or maybe tomorrow, I'm tired and my mouf hurth).

A character study

Let's say your life (right now) is a book you're trying to sell to a publisher. How would you answer these questions?

What's the book about? A harried teacher, mom and wife trying to find herself in between class periods.

What's the setting? A small town high school in a not-so-small town.

Describe the hero in three words. verbose, self-depricating, nerdy

What are her three best qualities? loyalty, thoughtfulness, self-expression

What are three character flaws? introversion, nervousness, stubbornness

What outward characteristics set her apart? curly hair, blonde eyebrows, a love of sweatpants

What goal does the hero want to reach right now? Write a worthy piece of fiction, see the world.

What is stopping her from getting it? The nagging stack of papers that need grading, the gunk in the kitchen sink.

Does she have a mentor? K.

List two subplots. Learning to be a runner, trying to educate the hormonal masses.

What do you want people to take from your book? That life doesn't turn out how you think it will, and that's okay.

Where does your book fit in a bookstore? Does it? I'd just be glad to have it anywhere inside the door.

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  1. I really like this quiz! I especially like your answers. Well done, considering your mouf hurth.

    I would read your book. The beauty of your story would be in the details.