Monday, October 25, 2010


I tried to fit this into a tweet but it was too long.  Every time I read a good book (like right now) I have this thought:

I always wish someone I knew was reading the same thing so I could say ohmygod, did you read that one part?  *gasp* I know, right?  He was so... and then she was so... and then *sigh*

I dream of a chic, smart, wine-fueled book club. The kind that I'd look forward to every month.  The kind with food.  Carby food with cheese on it.  And did I say wine?  The problem is, I'm picky, and introverted, and snobbish about books.  (I own all that, isn't that something?  I can't be in a club if the book isn't good.  There.  I said it.  And yes by good, I mean well-written.  And yes I know that makes me a raging snob.)  I've had offers to join book clubs and they just haven't felt right for one reason or another--the books, or me not knowing the people in the book club well enough and just being nervous... you know, those old chestnuts.  Maybe someday I'll find mine.  Maybe.

I could never start my own because people would be all oh, I'm not going to HER book club because she'll just turn it into English 12.  And then I'd be afraid I'd turn it into English 12 anyway, because what the hell else would I know to do at a book club?   Get out your notes.  Let's discuss the dichotomy between the feminist and psychological overtones of the novel.

I'm kidding.  Sort of.  I just wanted to say "dichotomy."  You caught me.

God, I feel like Hermoine sometimes.  All hair and no cool.  (You knew I meant young book Hermoine, right?  Not older movie-hot Hermoine.)

So if it was someone else's book club I'd just sit there and gulp my wine every time the conversation got a little... I don't know where I'm even going with that... BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW WHAT GOES ON IN THESE MYSTERIOUS CLUBS OF BOOK.

I'm revealing my naïveté.

Maybe all I want is just to drink wine with my friends and then share a sentence or two about what we're reading.  No, that's dumb and it's not the thing I'm wanting.  I'd like ideas about what to read and some deadlines by which to read them.  I'd like to talk about books with some people that aren't pre-pubescent.  I want a standing date for something--what did I say?--chic, smart, wine-fueled.

The kind that puts the HOT in dichotomy.

I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon.


  1. I like the idea of a smart book club - you should start one. I'd come. :-) But I'd bring beer, not wine....would that be okay?

  2. I would come to your book club even if you are a snobbish English 12 teacher (LOL)! I would be happy to bring both wine and carby cheese covered foods because I'm afraid you would not let me attend otherwise. Let's face it I'm not very well-written!

  3. Yes. Yes. Yes. I totally agree. I just finished The Time Traveler's Wife. (I'm about seven years behind on that trend.) Still, better late than never. It was spectacular. So unique. So artfully written. It moved me to tears today. I couldn't stand to finish it.

    I'm terribly discerning when it comes to books. I have no problem starting one and quitting 50 pages in. There's nothing wrong with being a book snob. I once sent a Lance reader a cloth book cover to conceal her chick lit habit. How snide is that? It was a playful joke, but really ... why do women read these books?

    I have 100 guilty pleasures, none of which are chick lit. If a book is pink and emblazoned with a tube of lipstick or strappy high heels, I'd just assume start a fire with it than read the first chapter. I don't care how many weeks it spent on the NY Times Bestseller list.

    I'm also incredibly discerning when it comes to WHO I take book recommendations from. I regard book suggestions the way a foodie might regard a restaurant suggestions or a new recipe.

    Having said all that, I would join your book club in an instant.

  4. I wish I lived close, I would love to go to a book club that was like English 12. You know if I didn't major in music, it would have been English. I miss studying good books.