Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Morning

Friday night was spent drinking too much and remembering why that's a good idea sometimes.  In the company of good friends, it can be healing and free to laugh a little too hard.  As a reformed goody two shoes, I'm happy to let my guard down with those I trust from time to time.  It's been way too long since last time.

Saturday morning I woke up at 5:30 AM and realized that any hope of ever sleeping in again was thrown out long ago.  I'm thankful that 5:00 AM doesn't come with any difficulty during the week, but the result is that weekends are kind of a bitch, particularly after a night of indulgence in lemon drops and bread, bread, bread.  Oh well.  Sleeping in is just not for me, anymore.  I popped in Sliding Doors and started to watch it as I put away the clothes I'd been looping over my treadmill arm all week.

Sliding Doors is the latest in a series of movies I'm working through--K always makes me themed lists of old (good) movies and lets me borrow what she has.  I've been through a few of these series in the last five years.  Once it was 60's/70's hunks (Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, Robert Redford, etc), a few of them have been history-related, and then in a particularly bad stretch before E and I separated the first time, it was tearjerkers.  Ah, the healing power of crying about someone else's troubles!  K's movie expertise astounds and I'm happy to discover all the movies that came before I did.  The current list is just stuff she thinks I'd like and I have to say she's got an amazing track record.  This past week I watched That Touch of Mink and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn: the former was light and entertaining, the latter sweet and touching.  I didn't manage to finish Sliding Doors before I headed out the door, so it's on my list for this afternoon...

I left the house to go to a fund-raiser for a local family that's adopting a child from Africa--you can read Matt and Traci's story here.  It was one of those things where all the home-based businesses are in one spot (a good chance to order a new Pampered Chef cookie spatula--who took mine???) and happily we discovered that ML was there to work with her mom, who sells Longaberger.  Actually, a bunch of people were there that I knew (or who knew me, there was a lot of "Oh, you're Lis' sister?" since Lis is the better-known and better-social half of the sisters Scott).  It was nice and the best part was that we had a greasy breakfast of eggs and ham at the cafe next door.  Not that the sale was disappointing, but I'm glutton for a good hangover breakfast.

(When did this post turn into an accounting of my activities, Friday 'til now?  Oh well.  Might as well just finish it.)

I got home from the sale to find that April was here with her sweet little Lizzy Mug, who I haven't seen much in recent weeks (she's had a cold).  I got to snuggle, smell, and burrito her up.  Maybe you don't know about baby-swaddling, but I get a freakish kind of glee from wrapping a fussing, sleepy baby up like the babies of yore, swaddling their flailing arms snug inside a big blanket.  Of course I had to ask April if I could practice on  Miss LM.  It's been so long.  I really miss the swaddling.  Isn't that weird?  So I swaddled that child up and POOF, sleepy.  I got my fill of baby-holding for the week and it did me good.

But baby-wrapping aside, I did seriously have some grading to do.  We're talking I've-been-bringing-these-papers-home-for-three-weeks-then-separating-them-into-piles-of-ten-and-ignoring-them-on-the-floor-before-I-just-carry-them-back-to-school-and-start-all-over-again grading.  I got a large chunk done during jury duty the other day, but I still had three sets (that's three separate assignments across five classes--or 172 students.  YEAH.) that I hadn't finished.  I intended to set to work on them as soon as I got home from the sale, but as you can see from the picture, my hands and heart were otherwise engaged.  It wasn't until almost 4:00 that I started to work on the papers, and then there was a lot of this:

And some of this:

And finally this:

I worked until 9:00, and then I hit the wall.  I painted my nails and then I hit the sack.  Last night I also discovered there's a hole in my thumbnail. This is slightly disturbing, as I have no idea what repetitive action is wearing through my nail bed.  Maybe I can solve that mystery tonight after I grade the 40 essays I have left.

Sad panda.


  1. If I ever have a baby, I am going to need some swaddling help...and I bet you could do a video on how to burrito wrap a baby!

  2. Sliding Doors is the best flick! There isn't a day in my life that I don't think about that movie and wonder if there's a me existing in some alternate universe; a me whose life has taken a totally different path based on one small seemingly inconsequential decision I made years ago.