Sunday, October 24, 2010

Running Dreams and Rainy Days

I started this post on Friday night.  Actually thought I posted it.  Apparently not!  So here's Friday's part of the post:

Last night I took a cue from Hurley and I had a great run in my sleep.  My hip (possibly IT band) is still jacked up like nobody's business and I haven't been on a run for two weeks.  I'm dying.  DYING to run, I tell you.  I have to say that running in my sleep was pretty cool.  Amazing how lying down and being unconscious will give ya a sublime runners high.  It was like being at the end of a completely zoned out run, and I was flying.  I wish I could make it happen again.

I'm not just missing the physical activity, but I think running would be good to squeeze out the old "mind grapes" right about now.  School has been hard this week--grades were due last week, I worked the homecoming game on Friday, I had all kinds of commitments and then found out about my former student passing on Sunday, Monday was emotionally draining and the rest of the week was just a slow lurch uphill.  I'm forgetting to mention that we've also been dealing with E's allergies and some "speed bumps" in our marriage as he tries to figure out what this means in his life.

Complicated, that's what we are.

I am not unlike a hamster in my need to run out my Crazies.

I wish I could even walk, but today I'm in the worst pain I've been in since Day 1 of the injury.  I haven't worn heels to work this week, I haven't put any kind of strain on it that I'm aware of.  I've been gently stretching and using a roller on it and nothing is helping.  I gave in and emailed my doc again tonight to see what can be done, so at least I have an appointment next Thursday instead of a week after that.  That's something.

So now it's Sunday--rainy again--and I'm couching it up all day with gratefulness like you can't imagine.  I forgot to bring home the essays I need to grade and when I realized (yesterday) I just decided to take it as a sign that I'm not supposed to grade anything this weekend.  I'll be better at my job tomorrow if I really take today off.

I decided to put my random energy to good use by crocheting again, too.  Roo and I hit up the Wal Marts Friday night for some yarn I was able to buy with the last of my change from the bottom of my purse.  E and I are back on the "cash only" thing and while it's going well, it's been a tight month.  It's a good thing my hobby is cheap.  I missed crocheting.  I'm not doing "the" pattern, since it takes more yarn then I wanted to buy, but I'm remaking an old Vanna White (yes, you read that correctly) pattern that I did for E's mom about eight years ago.  I'm doing it in a soft grey that I really like.  It seems like it's the season for Crafty P.  Hopefully this year I can find a way to run, crochet, and sleep.  I don't want to lose my enthusiasm for running.

I hate waiting on an injury, in case you couldn't tell.

In the category of Relaxation, Dammit, I am also happy to report that I finally got started on the book that's been sitting in my right-hand column as "Currently Reading" and similarly on my Kindle as "Come on, Heather, READ ME", Cutting for Stone.  I'm only a few pages in, but I like it a lot.  Roo had her GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) test at the district office yesterday along with (what seemed like) every other third grader in the district.  I had to sit in my car and wait for 45 minutes so I blasted (my new favorite soundtrack), Blood Diamond (check out "London" and "Crossing the Bridge") and read, read, read.

In the category of What the what? I just wanted you to know that I am thinking about running a full marathon.  Kelly has been suggesting it for some time, and Julia just did one... *sigh*  It all depends on what the doctor says, but I am thinking I'd like to train for one this Spring.  What do you think?

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  1. I think yes, yes, YES you should run one! LOL! Please get better soon, I need someone to motivate me!
    PS I see Dr. N on Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed for me!