Saturday, October 16, 2010

In pictures...

Last night:

Some of this

then I finally finished this.

Then today:

I made this with a little of this (meh--not great)

went out for this (how come I didn't know about hollandaise sauce before?)

saw this

then a nap...

and finishing off the day with this.

Good times.

It's just been a busy couple of days.  I've been to three doctor's appointments in two days, which is more times than I think I've been in the last three months.  Just trying to knock some stuff out of the way while we're double covered for insurance.  Nothing like free health care to brighten my little day.  I even got my flu shot, thankyouverymuch.

Apparently the reason my hip/butt and side of knee still hurt like a mother is that I definitely do have some kind of IT band issue.  And then to make matters worse, I tripped last night as I got out of the spa, caught myself on my bum stem, and it feels like I tore a hole in my butt... MUSCLE.  MY BUTT MUSCLE, I SAID.  I'm kind of cranky because my whole leg is jacked right now.  I haven't run since last Thursday and I think it's making me a little crazy.

On related note, I got some definitive information about my Crazies this week.  Probably post about that soon.

Tonight E's doing man things so the monkeys and I are having a big-time sleepover with Twinkle on the couch, watching How to Train Your Dragon.  So far it's adorable and I love the score.  As I said, good times.

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