Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Feels like fall

Last night on my run (which felt great, thanks for asking) I continued to notice the change in seasons; it feels like I'm seeing it happen a little more each night. Running has put me so much more in touch with my body and the outdoors, and I lurrrrve that like I lurve me some pumpkin pie. The autumn sun is distant and aloof, so different from my glowing buddy of summer. Even though I miss thick heat on my shoulders, the cooler evening temperatures make for sweet running through clear, thin air.

I'm sipping an americano this morning; it's delightfully toasty as the crackling leaves. My fall cravings lean decidedly toward the roasted. While summer was seared with grill marks, fall is slowly crisped in a low-intensity oven. Everything is baked golden: leaves, veggies, coffee, pie, soil, and soon--turkey. It's chilly enough for a light sweater and tepid enough for bare feet--the best kind of weather for snuggling with a blanket without any kind of necessity to it.

Fall is never something I anticipate with glee, but I'm happy now that it showed up. I think I used to bypass it in a blantant case of the I'll-be-happy-when-s, a frenetic countdown to Christmas because I mourned summer's passing. In my new efforts toward Happy, NOW (Rhino now?), I am discovering that I really actually kind of like it. Yes, the early sunset is unfortunate, but it gets me finished with my run and home in time to catch all those terrible reality TV shows I love. It's colder in the morning, but the afternoon is devoid of August sweat. There's still enough mildness to the evenings that I slide like a breeze down the path.

A slow breeze, but a breeze.

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  1. I love the start of fall too. Always brings up such good memories. But then again, I love the start of every season! So much fun to have that change!