Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Checking in...

Day 2 after the race and I feel great. I'm going to try to run tonight and see how I feel... maybe something between 3 and 5 miles, depending on how stiff the ol' legs are when I hit the pavement.  Icing helped a lot and I didn't have much soreness yesterday (except a weirdo pain in my back--not sure what that's from?) so today was great.  I'm itchin' to get out there again.  Nice, right?  I figure keep up the good work while the keepin's good.

Not much else to report.  It's Essay Grading City over here, Population: me.  On call for jury duty all week, so scrambling to have some lesson plans ready each day just in case...  Playing with kitten... taking naps... laughing at the monkeys... you know, the ushe.

Last night I made PDub's Roast Vegetable Minestrone--I loved it!  Had it for lunch today too and it reheated well.  Tonight is... what else?  Taco Tuesday.  No room for imagination lately, but I lurve me some tacos anyway. :)

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