Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Who put the bop in the bop shoo bop shoo bop?

I did. That's right, me.

I had the best run of my life last night and though I know I'm prone to hyperbole, I'm totally seriousing you right now. Best run ever, and I mean it.

Let's break it down for why it rocked my synthetic running socks right off.

1. I didn't walk. What, you say? Gasp, you um, gasp? But you always walk, PDawg. I know. And my run with Kelly made me feel like a total tool for doing so, so I'm trying to up my game. I did it in chunks--basically just to each stop light, but then I'd get to the intersection and think just one more, you can keep running. Don't stop, and I didn't. And then once I was three miles in I was just like well, you're three miles in and you didn't walk yet, what's two more? And I did not walk. I'm so proud of myself, and surprised.

2. 5 miles total, 10:31 min/mile average. Splits:

miPace (min/mi)Elevation (ft)

The fact that none of them are over 12:00 is a victory. Actually, I'd normally be happy with a 12:00 min/ mile average. I'm a little surprised. This tells me that I am still starting out too fast and not so great at pacing myself, but this isn't too bad for someone without a GPS. I have to track it on my phone, so it's not handy the entire time I'm running. But seriously, this is the fastest I've ever been on anything over 3.

3. It was a beautiful night. It was also a little too close to dusk, admittedly, but it was so pretty. The air was still and just warm enough to feel comfortable, the sky was a purplish orange, and I just had the nicest run. I love being outdoors--it's good to have a run every once in a while that reminds me of that.

4. I did 5 miles and I was home in under an hour. This is a first for me.

5. I managed to get to sleep at a decent hour and some post-run stretching kept me from tightening up too bad. My calves are tight this morning, but only in the good way that reminds me I did something great for my body. I also remembered this morning how a good solid run always means I breathe a little deeper the next day. I feel like I use the full capacity of my lungs, and that's a nice feeling to have.

6. Justin Bieber. Usher. End of story. Okay, not the end, but I'm totally eating my words about that little twit because darn it if I don't like running to Somebody to Love. Go ahead. Have your laugh at my expense.


  1. Ah yeah! That's the elusvie runner's high! I must say I'm itsy bit jealous of your fabulous run! So proud of you =)

  2. When I first read the title of this post, I thought you were blogging about Top Shop, the clothing line Kate Moss designs for.