Friday, September 03, 2010

Top 5 Throwdown!

Katie over at Suicide Blonde challenged me to a Top 5 Throwdown. Topic: Top 5 things you like but are embarrassed to admit.

*cracks knuckles, brushes off shoulders* Oh, I got this.

Just so you know, I don't think there is much about my nerdiness or guilty pleasures that I've left out of the blog so far.  But it bears repeating for this challenge.

Honorable Mentions:

-The Unibal Signo: best pen known to man. I'm a sucker for a good pen, and I kind of can't grade without one.

-Hugs, and people who call me things like Sweetie or Darlin':  I don't think many people enjoy those little pet names or when people reach out and squeeze 'em, but I'm a fan.  I'm not weird about being touched by other people, in fact I like it--though if you say that out loud you sound very strange--and contact improvisation is one of my favorite things to do in dance.

-Beowulf: Proof of my complete nerddom

-Charts and Spreadsheets: All those things lined up in rows and columns make my heart sing.  I enjoyed scheduling my classes in college much more than actually attending the classes.  Same goes for making training plans for running, now.

And now, the TOP 5:

5.  Lindsay Lohan:

I know... what?  There is almost nothing redeeming about Lindsay Lohan but still I kind of like her.  There's something about her that reminds me of the women in movies from the '60's.  And I'm kind of fascinated with anyone who can be as big of a train wreck as she is but still have an obsessive fan following.  I like to watch from afar as her story unfolds in front of God and everybody and wonder why nobody says to her that she's falling apart.  I am pretty ashamed of this "like" and as far as likes go it's not even my strongest.  But I will admit to thinking she was a worth watching in Mean Girls and few other movies.  I don't know why she's in my top 5, but hopefully it brings you some laughs.

4. This top.

You probably won't see me wearing this to work, but I will still wear it on weekends or to bed.  I have had it since I was 13.  That's right.  Thirteen.  It was a present for my birthday and it still fits, so I'm loath to give it away, even though it's 18 years old.  E hates it, which is (I think) one more reason that I like to keep it.  It seems to be made out of material that will never wear out, too, so it's not like he can say "that top is falling apart, toss it."  I will probably have this until I die.

3.  The Parent Trap

No, not the Lohan one.  I know that's where you thought I was going.  The goofy 1961 movie with Hayley Mills that Lis and I watched no less than eleventy million times as children.  It was one of about four movies that we owned on VHS, and we watched it like it was our job.  I love all the character actors that play the camp staff and I remember thinking Maureen O'Hara was so breathtakinly beautiful.  I just loved everything about it.  Lis and I used to dance around singing "Let's get together... yeah, yeah, yeah..."  It's kind of a funky movie, but I lurve it.

2.  McDonalds

For all my attempts to eat healthy, for all my efforts at buying kinder meat and dairy, I have to admit that I love me some Mickey D's.  This is not "like" we're talking about here, it's true love, and the person I have the biggest problem admitting this to is myself.  I would like not to love McDonalds, but I can't help myself.  The two cheeseburger meal is encoded in my DNA as the perfect match to my odd little body, and I am drawn to it like Odysseus to the Sirens' island.  Dangit, now I want one.  Look what you made me do.

1. Star Trek Voyager

Here's the thing about Star Trek Voyager.  You can't even admit it to other nerds, because it's seen as the "lesser" Star Trek.  I've watched the others, but since STV was my gateway drug, it's still #1 in my heart.  The amazeballs thing about STV is that it's nerdy for regular people and nerdy for nerd people.  So I basically can't admit this to anyone other than my own Harry Kim-loving husband, who is the one that got me hooked. It's cheesy, the writing is bad, and the special effects are already laughable.  But I will put on STV when I can't sleep and I can lay in bed listening happily to the insipid dialogue.  I know each episode so well that I don't even have to watch.  And that, my friends, is some nerd love.


  1. Your number one is Star Trek Voyager? Come on! STV is fantastic! The lesser Star Trek!? I'm a just a tad incredulous. If there is such a thing as the lesser Star Trek (impossible) it would have to be Deep Space 9. Uh.. lame.

    Well I for one want to say, nerd to nerd, that Star Trek Voyager is my favorite Star Trek as well. Lesser Star Trek? Pshaw. ;)

  2. Oh wow - that shirt! I totally remember it and I'm pretty sure that I was at that birthday party - you probably got a "Caboodle" too! :) I can't believe it hasn't fallen apart or that you can still wear it. Amazing! :)

  3. The original Parent Trap is the best movie EVER! I've lost count as to the quadrillion times I've watched it. The VHS tape is so worn out that I bought the DVD the minute it came out. Honey and a ball of twine, anyone? "Let's get together, yeah, yeah, yeah!"

  4. good list! thanks for playing!
    um, stv? i'm a star trek enterprise person myself. :-) and i'm sorry to have started your mickey d's craving, but i love that place too!

  5. Caboodle! Someone just said Caboodle! I got one of those when I was 13 too.

    You know how I feel about the shirt as I'm still rocking Arizona jean shorts from 6th grade.

    You know what's compelling about Lohan? Her voice. It's sexy. That's about it though.