Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Sometimes you wake up a good forty-five minutes before the alarm gets ya because sleep has already finished leaving its mark. Sometimes you need to get up and rejoin the world slowly with a cup of coffee and a pastry. Sometimes a full day of grading leaves your right hand irritated as your bothered brain. Sometimes you're grateful for the blessing of that coffee, a new day, a fresh start, a week of hope and routine.

(Sometimes you use the "generic you" even though it conjures admonitions from your tenth grade English teacher who said "do you mean me, on my couch at home, grading?" In this case, yes, I do.)

I'm reentering the atmosphere one sip at a time, today. My brain was moving sixty miles an hour before my sore body even hit the start line. My joints burn this morning; it's unclear if they burn from exercise or the agitation of responsibility. Today feels like a day when I'll crochet the loose ends of this month into something manageable.

I hope.

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  1. I love the imagery of crocheting the loose ends into something manageable. Awesome.

    Thanks for all the suggestions about Facebook. I've printed them out and they'll be my manual.