Sunday, September 05, 2010

...pretty nice little Saturday...

I can't resist quoting Old School.  Meanwhile, the rest of the world has moved on and I'm still laughing at Frank the Tank.  Anyhoo...

I had a pretty nice little Saturday today.  (Well this is posting on Sunday--I'm trying to get one in the chute a day ahead of time so I don't miss a day.  Play along, why dontcha.)  Two Benadryl tabs kept me drowsy until almost 9:00, which is when Henry came in to my (dark) room and put his (glowing) Gameboy in front of my (closed) eyes and said "HEY MOM, LOOK AT THIS!"  My boy.  Except nobody calls them "Gameboys" anymore, it's a "DS."  I am so old.  I think I grumbled something about Mommy being sleepy, but since I'm in my post-baby years, once any part of me is awake my bladder is all HELLO WORLD and then sleep is a long-foregone possibility.  Wakey. wakey, PDawg.  Your bladder is calling.

So I was up but I dawdled around for a while.  I made a green monster but we were out of blueberries so I subbed some frozen mangoes.  Mlech.  No bueno.  I missed blueberries.  Mangoes have such a high sugar content that I just felt phlegmmy all morning.  I used the time to chop onions and peppers and prep all the veggies I had in the fridge for the rest of the week.  I didn't do a good job of that last week and there was one day where I'm pretty sure I didn't eat a single veggie.  Whoops.  I was planning to make this brown rice meatloaf again for dinner tonight, but of course I didn't cook my rice and I didn't realize until I went to assemble the loaf.  FAIL.  Tomorrow is another day.

But the best part of my day was a drive and movie with K.   It's nice to drive and talk and let the time tick past just like the fence posts.  We saw Eat Pray Love and though I know it's not a critical favorite, I liked it.  I feel the same way about the book--not perfect, but enough of an interesting concept to pique my interest.  Definitely some thoughts that struck a chord with me. Plus, I read the book when E and I were separated, so it's forever connected to some weighty self-reflection for me.  I'd like it if for only reliving my experience reading it, and for getting to see all three beautiful places.  But I think all my relationship drama means I'm paying keen attention to anything in that vein, anyway.  And who doesn't want to witness Javier Bardem with his scratchy beard prancing around Bali?  I was happy to oblige.  It made me want to travel.  It made gave me such a craving for life experiences.  Sometimes I can't believe how small my sphere of travel is.  *sigh*  It was nice to take time out of work and chores and craziness to just do something fun.  And this week I'm particularly thankful for K, anyway.

I got home and realized about the rice, called my student teacher (who didn't answer) and decided to settle in for a nap.  E wasn't having it, so he dragged me to Costco.  We are currently stocked up on meat for the next century.  We have BLUEBERRIES galore, so it's GO time for shakes tomorrow.  Of course, I won't be having one until AFTER my planned 9 miles on the river trail with my friend Kelly (at "0-early-30").  Just so you know, I'm totally proud of myself for making this step: it's my first EVER run with another person.  Well, I tried one time with E but he just got annoyed with me for running slow.  That was one of, like, two or three times he ever ran.  So I guess slow and consistent wins out anyway. But I digress.  I hope this will go well, and I know my friend Kelly well enough to know that she will be nice even if I'm the worst thing since sliced bread.

I'll be back this afternoon or maybe tomorrow with a run report.  This will also be my first time on the trail, so I'm feeling kind of schoolgirl-nervous.  I am going to make myself get to bed at a decent hour so I'm not a total frankenfreak tomorrow morning.

Piece out.

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  1. I started running again recently after nearly two months off. It was brutal at first, (the heat doesn't help of course...) but I'm soooo glad to be back in the saddle. I'm swimming laps too -- training for another triathlon. The combination of running one day/swimming another is doing wonders for the bod.

    Do you ever frequent a public pool with lap lanes?

    PS. I still call them Game Boys too. We're both old.