Tuesday, September 28, 2010

History repeating? Apparently.

From time to time I will click on a post from exactly one year ago. That's one of the benefits of having a blog--constant records of what I was doing at any certain time. And apparently what I was doing exactly one year ago was prepping to teach a ridiculously long day full of students followed by a teacher workshop, and feeling random just like today. Not much changes, huh? I say this as I'm prepping my material for tomorrow's teacher workshop and minimum day. I guess last year I was dreading a meeting (and I can't say I am dreading anything in particular so much) but let's just acknowledge the undercurrent of dread that flows not so deep beneath the surface of my being at all times. Something might happen and I might have to dread it. So I have a kind of pre-dread about me. Not my best quality.

One thing I'm not dreading is this weekend's Half Marathon. I'm kind of excited. I feel so much better this year since I've seen the course now. It also helps that my longest training runs this year were 12 milers (twice) which is way better than last year's paltry 10 miler. Holy freaking cow, how did I get a year away from last year's big deal race? It's kind of weird that I haven't run any organized races since, but I'm proud that I'm still running. I'm still a runner, albeit a slow one. I am still moving my body, and that's what counts. I love running. I never thought I'd get there or stay there. But I know it's going to be my ticket to health and activity as I age. That doesn't suck.

I think I'm going to go for a run later tonight. I'm not really sure. This week is an easy week so I don't overdo before Sunday--E was home sick today so he's guaranteed to be there. I don't know, four miles tonight? It's going to be a beezy of a 100 degree evening. Boo. I meant to run yesterday but it's hard to do when he's not around. Plus it just felt more like a macaroni and cheese and taquito night than a veggies and run night. It's the end of the month, and cupboard-cleaning meal prep has begun (the polar opposite of farmers' market/ fresh produce-inspired meal prep). If there's a silver lining to that processed food fest, it's that it only happened two days before payday this month and not at week two or three. Junky food nights are disappointing to me but they sure go over well with the under-7 crowd at my house. Yesterday felt like a day to give in to guilty pleasures; I spent the better part of the afternoon cleaning out my DVR and watching House, The Apprentice, CBS Sunday Morning (what am I, 80?), and Boardwalk Empire. Can I just set aside the fact that I watch TV like it's my job for a moment and tell you that I'm proud that ol' Crazy Eyes (Steve Buscemi) seems to have found himself a happy little slice of life in Nucky? Good for Crazy Eyes. He deserved more than Adam Sandler's weird pizza. Don't go telling me he's like, a real actor. He'll always be Crazy Eyes to me.

Anyhoo, what else is going on in our little world? E's settled in to Lawyerland with a 1960's-TV-dad kind of aplomb. He leaves the house every morning in a suit, comes through the door loosening his tie, and then slips into a uniform of white tees and blue jeans. I love that his hair (still lawyer-slick) still gives him a dash of Don Draper in his evening comfies. On a related note, Henry is suddenly smitten with his own white undershirts. They're quite the pair, my boys.

Roo is writing away, filling notebooks with weird details about animals and beanie babies and random factoids from science class. I love that her imagination incorporates material from her day as though it was the most natural thing in the world. In fact, I think it's what all fiction writers do, yet her prose is deliciously disjointed. She weaves forty or fifty characters into each narrative and illustrates (the solid block of text--no paragraph breaks) in the upper and outer margins. It's adorable. I want to scan the pages and save them, but I don't dare take her precious notebook when she's looking.

The school year is moving along, but starting in August gave this fall an inordinately long feel to it. We're stuck in the doldrums between Labor Day and Thanksgiving and it feels like they'll never end. A heat wave in California is giving my students their own set of Crazies (and I don't mean the kind I get, I mean the kind where a speedball of hormones and high fructose corn syrup renders them incapable of doing anything productive or, dare I wish for it, quiet). I'm praying for a cool autumn the same way I prayed for a gentle spring after last year's long winter. We'll see if my hopes get similarly dashed.

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  1. Good luck this Sunday! I wish I were running the half again, but it didn't fit very well with my training for the Nike Women's. Maybe next year :)