Monday, September 06, 2010


Yesterday was a day of firsts.  First time running with a buddy.  First time out on the river trail.  First time running around bikers (yikes!).  First time getting up to go somewhere to run besides "out my front door."

6:30 didn't actually seem to come so early.   Habit has set in now and my body wakes up about 5:30 without fail.  I wasn't sleepy (thank goodness) when Kelly pulled up in front of the house.  But I was nervous.  My spelt toast weighed like a rock in my tummy.  Admittedly, I'm a creature of habit and though I manage to wear the outgoing mask when I need to (read: teaching, dancing, etc.), it's hard for me to try new things and put myself in situations where I know I'm not going to succeed (read: running with a friend who I know is much faster than I am).  But I was glad to take a cue from my dancing teacher friends and put myself out there to try something new, embarrassment be damned.

Kelly was kind and bubbly (as she always is) so I enjoyed the run even though I would have liked to do a better job.  I had to walk a lot and I didn't want to.  But the trail snaked along the riverbank and deer dotted the brush alongside us so it felt like a nice break from the doldrums of neighborhood running.  I found that the time didn't pass more quickly than when I run alone, but it was much more enjoyable.  Kind of like my weekly walks with K, though at this point I'm going to say a leisurely stroll is still preferable to a little joggy-jog-jog in the relaxation department.  I think maybe the next time I run there I will feel like I have a better sense of where I am or what the trail feels like and that will help.  I did find that it is incredibly hard to run and TALK.  Who knew?   You sure don't talk when you're dancin'.  As Kelly said, I've never even tried to do that before and I found that even though my legs and body felt great, I felt freakishly winded the whole time, which was why I had to keep stopping to walk.  This just makes me want to go out and run with someone more, though because it feels like something to overcome, a new challenge.  I feel like I let people down when I can't keep up... with anything.

But--overall, success.  I'm grateful for such a kind friend who doesn't mind running well below her normal average time (even though she just had foot surgery) and is happy to walk with me when I need to walk.  I'm happy for conversation that makes the difficulty of running (for me) seem easier.  I loved running on the trail.  I love that we did nine miles and it was not so much of a big deal.  (I need to remember that just a short year and a half ago I couldn't run 1/4 mile.)  I loved not having to stop and wait for stop lights, as I do at home.  I loved running somewhere scenic; it reminded me of my runs in Yosemite this summer.  I can't wait to go out and run by the river again.  My embarrassment over being slow, being winded, being awkward and unsure about how to do this whole running with people thing will still be there, but I think it's worth overcoming those anxieties in favor of something as nice as yesterday's run.  I had a good time and I'm so happy Kel asked me to go.  When are we going again? :)

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  1. I almost couldn't read this because I was afraid you hated it and had put on a happy face to hide it! Yeesh talk about insecurity! I can't wait to go again. I have 12 on my schedule next week. Hint hint ;-)