Thursday, September 09, 2010



So yesterday was a rough day, but I got through it.  Writing about Marms helped.  So did searching through old photo albums for pictures of her.  It was a nice way to look back over sixteen years of life that I shared with her.  She was so teeny the day she came home.

And then in that weird way that one gets happily and obsessively sidetracked by minutia on a rough night, I started to get really into looking at all these old photos.  I started scanning and posting to Facebook like a madwoman.  Things like these little glimpses into the first days of H and E:

First "big" date: January, 1996.

Junior Prom, March (?) 1996

We're talking good old fashioned nervous nerd fun.  It put me in a better mood to spend some time looking at those familiar faces and events that happened to long ago.  The ensuing tidal wave of comments on Facebook was fun too.  I went to bed feeling loved and laughing at myself (and the tragedy that was my hair from 1993-2000).  And yes, yes, for those of you asking why there was E in the junior-year-of-high-school photos and then not E but two different dudes in the senior-year-of-high-school photos, I'll get to that sometime soon.  But here's an old post about how we found each other: two lonely nerds in a sea of awkwardness (AKA tenth grade biology).

Unfortunately sleep didn't find me last night.  I tossed and turned a lot and even making Hurley sleep on the bed with us didn't help.  He eventually just jumped off and got back on his own bed.  I love me some dogs, but they ain't cats.  I think a cat is just a part of my routine enough that I'm missing that little bit of purr at my feet.

Today was a good day at school--a busy day, as all Thursdays are and it never fails to surprise me--and the first time this week when I felt like I was able to regain the trust of my classes.  Unfortunately it didn't work out with my student teacher and he won't be returning.  So yesterday was a rough day personally but it was also a HOLY PANCAKES BATMAN I AM GOING TO HAVE TO START ALL OVER FROM SQUARE ONE WITH THESE LITTLE SNOWFLAKES kind of day.  I was sure (yesterday) that I was in for another two-week round of "establishing myself" as the authority figure in the room before they'd come back to me.  Imagine my surprise when I had a lovely day today that wasn't bonehead free, but at least felt like they were mine and I was back where I needed to be in the Great Chain of Being:  God>Santa>PDawg>Students.  Or something like that.

Tonight E is soothing my wounded soul with a crab dinner on the river--who would say no to that?  Not I.

Hug your family.  Pet your cat.  Take care.
Peace, love, and crab. (What?)

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  1. I love your Rapunzel curls! I'm always jealous of you naturally curly locks.

    Shuffling through old pictures is a slippery slope. I find myself plunging down that rabbit hole every six months or so.

    I recently cleaned out a closet in Joe's man cave. It's stuffed with boxes of random photos –– my photos, most of which pre-date Joe. My ex-boyfriend is pictured in a lot of these. They're not "couple pics" per-se, but they're pics from a time and place that belonged to me and my ex. Pictures of friends, camping trips, Spring break adventures, pool parties, 4-wheeling ... stuff that I love and loved. I can't toss out the memories, so why should I toss the photos?

    Any thoughts on this subject?

    It's not like I need them to walk down memory lane, but I just can't bring myself to get rid of them. This is normal, right?