Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Countdown to race day... Meanwhile, life goes on.

One of the hardest things for me to do in this two weeks leading up to my race has been to keep my NO HIGH HEELS restriction that I gave myself.  It's hard to plan outfits around me flats.  (At least it gives me the chance to use me pirate voice, mate!) That said, if I'm this beat after spending my day in flats, I can only imagine how my wittle weggies would feel if they'd been balancing on platforms all day.  I didn't do a single physical thing today and yet my body feels like it was put through a Cuisinart.

A friend and I taught a teacher workshop on campus today.  I can say I'm happy to report that it was an entirely nerve-free endeavor for me.  Perhaps my first?  I'm not sure.  It just felt like I knew everyone there and like the person I was presenting with was completely with it and I didn't really have anything to get worked up about.  Feel free to stand and applaud my lack of crazies over this.  I am.  Look, I'm clapping right now.  Okay, not really.  Maybe just clapping on the inside.

DAMMIT, Internet.  Somebody keeps calling our house tonight.  Somebody with a blocked number.  And then the somebody keeps not saying anything.  It's starting to really piss me off, and it just happened again.  There are only about two people we know with blocked numbers and neither of them is behind this, I'm sure.  I think it's probably a kid--a friend of Roo?  Or maybe it's some punkass student of mine who thinks they're being high-larious (yes, that's intentional spelling) by calling up PDawg and acting like a dork.  You know, I don't really care who it is I just want it to stop BECAUSE I'M NOT REALLY IN THE MOOD RIGHT NOW THANKS.

Back to what I sat down to write about...

I'm excited for Sunday's race and I'm trying to remember all the things I wish I knew last year or that I did know because someone was kind enough to pass knowledge along to me.  I thought I'd make a list for you (and for myself as well, because let's be honest and admit that I love a good list almost as much as I love a good chart...  NERD PRIDE) of things I am glad to know now.

1.  Cotton socks are the devil.  Don't believe me? Click here to see what the devil did to me on my training runs last year.  Polyester all the way, baby.  No trace of cotton.  Thanks.

2.  It's cold when you start a race.  Well at least this race.  You can wear one of those 28 High School T Shirts cluttering up your dresser and then happily toss it on the side of the road when you get hot, knowing that some lovely race volunteer type will scoop it up, wash it, and donate it to a person who needs a shirt.  Last year I chose Sophomores, class of 2010.  I think this year I'll be getting rid of one of my Senior shirts.  Could be a class of 2006 year, I think.  Plus this has the added advantage of making people think you're one of the high school students who would wear this kind of T.  And then SURPRISE, you bust out with your old lady slow pace and they're like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa???

3.  Slow and steady might not win the race, but it finishes the race.  If you just keep moving, you somehow get to the end.

4.  Everyone is really nice there.  You don't need to be scared.  People want to cheer for you and be proud of you.  Even other runners.  Even the ones that are faster than you.  Even the old people that will totally lap you at about mile 6.

5.  Lots of people will be standing on the side of the road smiling at you.  This is cool.  It will make your day.

6.  There will be all kinds of people there.  You don't need to worry about what you wear, what kind of hydration belt you run with, any of it.  There will be all kinds.  Settle the heck down, Nervous Nelly.

7.  Try to save a little energy so you can stand and go through the free food line.  You will have just run a race, dangit, so get some grub.  Take some free Chipotle before you go home, for the love of Pete.

8.  The stretch from 8-12 miles is going to feel long.  Maybe back off a little bit there in the beginning, speed demon.

I am not giving myself a strict time goal, but I would like to do as good or better than last year. (2:37, approx.)  I feel like that's do-able.  I feel like anything in the realm of 11:00-12:00 min/mile would be something to really celebrate for me.  I'm happy that my friend Kel wants to run with me, at least to start.  I think having company will help me hang in there and maybe not get so lonely and frustrated in the long stretch on the levee.  We'll see.  I got my Gu-s and I'm ready to go, yo.

Meanwhile, life goes on for another two days around here.  School is school for two more days... I'm just hanging in there.  I'm happy that tomorrow's just a normal day--no meetings, no workshops, no nuthin'.  Just one more short run and then a little rest.  Then GAME ON.  And I mean to say slow but steady with reasonable expectations for a still-newish runner who is just happy to participate and get her carefully considered self congratulatory GAME ON.


  1. I think you already got it, but seriously.. when you head out the starting gate, notice how fast you are going for about 30 seconds and then seriously slow it down like 5 notches - then you'll be at your normal pace :) Wish I could run that long of a distance! Good luck (but you don't need it!)

  2. Good luck tomorrow - you are going to do amazing! Such an inspiration!
    Plus, I don't know how you can survive not wearing heels, pretty sure I would die haha