Saturday, September 04, 2010

5 Lovely Splurges (100 Loves Post #5)

This week's list of things I love?  My five favorite splurges.  I think I'm feelin' spendy since we just paid the bills and basically there's not a bit o' extra this month.  So welcome to my virtual splurge party:  five splurges I love.

1.  Lattes

Not a splurge, you say?  I'm trying to redefine and think of them that way.  There was a time not so long ago where I didn't think twice about driving thru Starbucks to get a latte, particularly during the radness that is the fall slash pumpkin spice syrup season.  But since I discovered instant coffee (hold your gags, please) and how much money I can save, I've been trying to stay away.  If I had my druthers I'd probably be there more. But then I'd probably not be losing any weight, either.  Lattes are good.  True story.

2. Books

Stop laughing at me, Swan.  Books are a splurge.  I can't let myself walk up and down the book aisle at Costco or things find a way into my cart.  (For evidence, see Kathy Griffin: Official Book Club Selection.  Did I really need that?  I'm gonna say no.)  I find that one nice way I can get a splurge fix without breaking the bank is by downloading Kindle books--much cheaper.  If we're being honest, though, I need to share that it takes every fiber of my 147 lb being not to download, like, fourteen books every time I browse.  I have to limit myself, or I'd end up knee-deep in book debt.  One of the best things about going on vacation is prepping the book list.  Self control, you will be mine.  Maybe someday.
3.  Shoes

How many times can I quote the genius that is the line that is delivered by the genius that is Toni Colette in In Her Shoes? Oh, one more?  Okay.  "When I feel bad I like to treat myself. Clothes never look any good... food just makes me fatter... shoes always fit."  RIGHT?  RIGHT, AMERICA?  I admit to ascribing to this type of shoe-splugery much more back in the day of painful separations from E and not knowing how to deal with our problems.  Luckily I never graduated past "discount" to "Louboutin"--it ain't how I was raised--but one can do plenty of damage at a discount shoe store as well.  MJM Shoes is to flats as Winco is to sweet potatoes.  Plus, high five to a movie for being right.  Shoes DO always fit.

4.  Travel

This one is a want-to and a wish-for much more than it has been a reality in my life.  Though I've traveled to a few places with great frequency, there's so much of the world that I have yet to experience.  I got my first taste of travel the summer between Junior and Senior years of high school when I got to go with my dance company friends to Jackson, MS for a summer ballet intensive.  As one of the older members of the group, I helped us navigate the airport.  Looking back I was so young!  I love to travel with E, though we don't get to do it too often.  In 2008 I flew to New York for another dance conference and I've never been so smitten with a city.  It felt like the anti-Sacramento.  I was definitely not there long enough.  I can't wait to drop some serious dough on "life experiences" and get to Europe, especially, someday.  Beyond that, who knows.  I think it's going to make my life to see the world.

5.  Massages

Doooooooooooooooooooooooood.  I love me some massaging.  I should have seen this obsession coming when my yen for foot rubs reached an unhealthy level during the heights of high school dancing.  In college I had my first true massage--a friend was a masseuse so I got hooked on cheap massages.  Since then basically every free dime I've had has gone toward having someone beat me up and/or rub my back with varying degrees of force.  I'll take any kind: Chinese, Hawaiian, Swedish, sports, you name it.  I feel like I'm a connoisseur of massage.  I've had so many bad ones.  But you know what they say about massages, they're like pizza.  Even bad massages are still good massages.  Okay, nobody says that.  But being massaged is better than not being massaged.  I'm never happier than when I'm at the spa.  NEV-ER.  Anybody got $100 I can borrow?  I think I need a massage, pronto.

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What are your 5 favorite splurges?


  1. I have to make myself not read your post before I write mine. We like so many of the same things!

  2. SHOES!! my #1 splurge too - although not going to lie - I can't wait for the day when I can graduate to Louboutins, and I love In Her Shoes, such a good movie and soo true! And I love travel too - can't wait to visit everywhere in the world!