Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Things I need to remember about today (visiting Dad's new office):

It struck me this morning that I was starting school in less than a week, so if I wanted to see (or take the monkeys to see) E's new office, I was going to have to do so in a timely fashion. We headed downtown with a pocket full o' quarters to feed the meter and a song in our hearts. Fortunately for frugality's sake and the tastes of Elementary-schoolers (I still think "preschoolers", BTW) E works within walking distance from the mall food court, home of Addie's favorite restaurant: Hot Dog on a Stick, and Hanko's favorite restaurant: Panda Express. Something for everybody. Les Quatre Gourmandes. After lunch we walked over and took the Grand Tour.

I want to remember how proud I was to stand next to E as he introduced me and showed off our brood. I want to remember how tall he stood in his dress shirt and pleated pants, leftover dress up clothes from a time when we chose affordability and longevity over trends. I want to remember how I beamed a little at the thought of being able to help him expand his professional wardrobe as he plants his feet in the world of an attorney. I want to remember his confidence, his pride in his profession, that disarming, easy smile he wore that was like Junior Prom all over again. I need to remember how he pointed out the river and the PERS building to the kids from the window of his first office, and how he showed them the direction of where we live. I want to remember Henry playing with the phone headset and marveling at the technology. I want to remember Addie, lilliputian in his office chair, peering excitedly at his pen holder. I want to remember how well he fit in after only a few days. I want to remember that it felt like the start of something, like the first scoop of peanut butter that pierces the lustrous surface.


  1. So great! It's so sweet to read/hear how proud you are of him. I think one of the nicest things we can do for our spouse is to praise them in a public way. I'm so happy that all trials of past have brought you both to something so good. Seeing the kids pics reminded me of how much I loved to visit or go with my dad to work. Most of his work was outside and I loved that. He would always take me someplace like McDonalds for lunch which was a huge treat. Such great memories and I remember being so proud of him. I'm sure Ad and Hank feel the same way.

  2. Congratulations, that's exciting. I remember I used to love to go to my dad's office. I'm so happy for all of you!