Thursday, August 12, 2010

Socks, Weird Al and Bees

I'm posting this photo with a full understanding of exactly how it gives you too much information about our sock habits. We have a little bit of a sock problem around here. Well, it's not actually a problem, because like any dark secret, we tuck it away inside a closet and pretend it doesn't exist. We have this sock basket that's like a black hole. We basically only go to it when we're scrambling for socks in the morning before school starts. It's terrible.

I'm not proud, but my shame isn't enough to make me do something about it.

Not until tonight, anyway. My brilliant idea was to give the monkeys a dime per matched pair. They're suddenly aware of money so they took me up on it. It's been five minutes and the score is 17 (Addie) to 6 (Henry). I have a feeling she's going to come out on top.

We're also listening to Weird Al's "White and Nerdy" on a loop. In addition to money, Henry is suddenly aware of iPods, and specifically of the music of Weird Al, much to my chagrin. That's Dad's influence for ya. The problem (if I can even call it that) is that even though E has every.single.Weird.Al.album., for some reason they're not saved in our iTunes, and thus not on the iPod Henry has recently discovered. This would be a blessing if it weren't for "White and Nerdy," with which he makes do. I've had enough.

We just finished a delicious dinner of tilapia and fresh peaches, sweet corn, and heirloom tomatoes (though after Annette Bening's tirade in The Kids are All Right about heirloom tomatoes and composting I hesitate to mention them), and as soon as I post this I'm joining the kids in some folding of laundry. Hurley is asleep on our bedroom floor after a quick trip to the vet to get fixed. Poor dude. He seems to be feeling okay--as okay as one lil' pup can feel when he had his one good nut chopped off and the other one dug out of his abdomen. He's going to be needing some TLC in the next few days.

So the reason I bring Hurley's manhood into this post is to mention that it necessitated the first birds and bees discussion with my little Roo, who is apparently not so little. We've had the basic anatomy conversation once, but she seems so innocent and not so generally curious that it surprised me when she asked what it meant that Hurley couldn't make baby puppies anymore, and how he'd go about that in the first place. Age-wise, it's about time we had the convo but I was waiting for her. I answered her through my idiotic nervousness (using proper terminology and trying not to be weird about it), and I did my darndest to relate it to the animal documentaries and books she's so fond of. (Thank God she'd at least read the word "mating" before, so she had a vague understanding of the process.)

It's funny to me how squeamish I can be talking to my own child when I answer questions of all types at work all the time. Teenagers will ask me everything--maybe I'm just used to that by now. It was just another of those moments when I realize that Roo is no baby and she's going to grow up whether I acknowledge it or not. I hope I handled it the right way--and I'm sure it will come up again. I can only guess that once I have this conversation with Henry, it's going to become a regular conversation topic around our house.

Okay, I have to go help fold... Tomorrow's the last day of summer--make sure you do something to celebrate!

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