Thursday, August 05, 2010

Pics from this week

This is your captain speaking.  We are experiencing a little turbulence this week as we make our final descent to work and the routine.    Return your seat back to their upright position, friends.  School is about to start.

So in the realm of "getting stuff done" I've been actually pretty good.  I got some new glasses ordered on Monday, worked in my classroom twice, worked on lesson plans at home all day today, and got a haircut.  I just feel kind of STRANGE.  I dunno what's going on.  I get in my classroom and I know I have a bazillion and a half things to do and I get sidetracked by something like organizing my post-its and then I go what the heck are you doing with your life? only by then I've gone and wasted the whole day.

So there's that.  And while all of this is happening I'm trying to get Henry ready to start school and start after-school daycare and he's had all kinds of orientations this week.  We had his daycare orientation Tuesday morning and then we had to go back Tuesday night to meet his Kindergarten teachers.  This is in the truck once we got there--he was not really feelin' it.

Nobody pouts like Henry.  He was fine once we got inside, of course, but it took some persuasion.

Oh!  And you guys... I'm not sure if this is PC of me to post (my guess is that it is not), but I will share because it took me by surprise a little bit.  As we were leaving the orientation, there was this mom--err--dad--err, GUY IN A MINISKIRT AND MAKEUP who was on the playground looking for her (?) child.  So that was new.


Hey man, it takes all kinds.  Rock on with your bad self.

Aaaaaand we're moving on.

So speaking of nothing I just wrote about above, I also thought I'd share my iPhone pics from pizza night the other night.  My chicken pesto pizza is quickly becoming a family favorite and I feel like it's one of the best things I make.  I'm also proud of the fact that if I use a Gluten-free crust, E can eat the whole thing without worry.

So this was the GF crust I tried for the first time.  I got it at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op the other night, but I won't be going back there.  It's just a teensy bit closer to our house than Whole Foods but the selection is so much worse and I felt like it was a bit more expensive.  I think WF is worth it for the variety of cheeses and the 365 Organic brand alone.  But the pizza crust I tried (this was our first GF) was great.  I made Pioneer Woman's crust for me and the kids again and I froze half.

I tried E's to see what I thought.  It's very herby, which changes the flavor of the pizza little bit but it was good.  It comes out like a pretty delicate thin crust.  Very good.

E's slices

So in case you missed the pizza post, this is a basic rundown of what's on it:

Three red potatoes, sliced thin
Goat's milk cheddar (this time I also sprinkled pecorino on the top because we had it)


This time I let the monkeys each make their own mini-pizza (because what's more fun than something that's entirely your own?).  That was good, but there was a bit of "do I have to put the green stuff on mine?" going on.  Please don't get too grossed out by the oven crud in the bottom of the picture.  Sorry about that.

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  1. Namaste Foods. You gotta love the crunchy granola branding.

    And I wouldn't have even noticed your "oven crud" if you hadn't pointed it out.