Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Give me a Riesen

Riesens remind me of breastfeeding.

Wait, what?

Breastfeeding.  You heard me. Riesens remind me of breastfeeding, along with fudge-covered Oreos.

There was so much nobody told me about being a new mom, but one thing that I just didn't know was how much time I was going to be stuck in one spot, bored to death while I nursed my kids.  Since I am sure I delegated grocery shopping to E at that point, our counter always had a bag of candy or a box of fudgie Oreos, and so I'd plop down with a big glass of milk and go to town. I bring this up now, of course, because I'm stuffing my face with Riesens in direct opposition to my views on processed foods, sugar, candy, and my general health efforts.  Put a bag of Riesens in front of me and I turn into Grabby McSugarpants.  I don't know if this had anything to do with Hank's affinity for nursing, but it sure made it tolerable for me.  Hey, I needed more calories when I was nursing, right? (Yes, to the Debbie Downers who will remind me--I know those aren't the kind of calories they mean.)

I've done well eating clean all week and in fact I was so uber proud of the vegetable and bean soup I invented tonight for MM2 (Meatless Monday #2--does it count if E stirred in some shredded pork to his?) but I'm pretty sure at this point that the more interesting thing is how I can eat sprouted bread smeared with avocado and goat gouda or drink a Green Monster of a smoothie during the day, but then turn into the Mr. Hyde of sugar fiends at night (wait, Mr. Hyde was the bad one, right?  I'm the bad one).  So here I sit, walking a tightrope of good intentions between the worlds of healthy, clean eating, and the temptation of E's snacks (and make no mistake--they are HIS and I avoid buying them until he complains loudly enough).  Whoops! Splat.

I tell myself it's better to eat well all day and blow it a little in the eating department at night.  Better than eating crap all day, right?  I know I'm getting all kids of good fruits and veggies lately, and I know I eat better than I did even a year ago.  So I guess I do what I can.

This will post Tuesday morning (wrote it Monday night) and in the column of "doing things" I accomplished such lovelies today as a) waking up at 6:00 for two days in a row, b) running, and c) getting reacquainted with Tony Horton this morning.  I'm not saying I did any of that in a timely fashion--I spent the better part of the morning dawdling like it was my job--but I got it all done.  I'm trying to smooth my transition from real world into working world by creating a routine.

I think tomorrow I'll post a lil' somethin' somethin' on the steps I've been taking to build routine back into our lives.  I promise not to eat anymore Riesens until then.

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  1. I confess: I read Tony Horton and saw Tim Hortons, my beloved Canadian coffee chain.