Monday, August 23, 2010

Food Processor: 2, H and E: 0

E just cut his finger on the same food processor disc that sent me to the emergency room the other night. True Story. He's wandering around muttering something about "Satan's Food Processor..." (He's okay--his was only a flesh wound. And there was much rejoicing.) What is with us? More importantly, what is with this food processor? Someone should make a movie about it. In a world... where basil innocently sleeps in its bed...

(See what I did there? Nerd.)

Today was another in a smudge of blurry/productive days. I'm spending lots of time wondering when time will slow down at school than I am actually able to relax and catch my breath at school. Did that even make sense? I guess all that wondering's taking place in the hours outside of my contract time, like on my run and in the shower and while I spread peanut butter on what already feels like the 800th PB&J for school lunches. While I'm at work it feels like I hit play and suddenly it's 2:07, off to pick up the monkeys as fast as I can. I enjoy my students so far but the beginning of the year always has a little bit of leftover high school (student) awkwardness for me. I never quite feel at home until they talk to (and/or like) me a little bit--too much of the familiar nerd sting. I am, however, able to use tons of ideas that I got from the workshop I attended this summer, and I feel like the collaboration I had with my friends (at the same time) has given me fresh energy for the start of the year. Having a student teacher makes me second guess everything I do (will it be observation-worthy?) and I think that's a good thing as well.

So I'm being a good(-ish?) teacher these past two weeks, but it's kicking my butt because I'm not used to it. My butt still thinks it's on summer vacay. Forget running and P90X workouts at night, I'm getting a full workout just from standing in my heels all day. I feel like it's the Mrs. P show all the time, and I look forward to future episodes starring more of the young minds of the classroom and less of my droning on, dry-mouthed and nervously laughing at my own dorky jokes. Nobody knows it's okay to laugh at me yet, so it's like performing to a room of coma patients.

I'm doing well with my morning runs and I'm on a salad-for-lunch bender that's really something. My eating habits have changed so much in the past year--for the better. (No soda in such a long time. Amazing!) I really enjoy all the fresh produce we have around right now so it's making me happy to eat well; it doesn't feel like punishment, it feels like something special. I think that's working because I feel like I'm in good shape right now too. So anyway, the running--I had a little blip on the training schedule with last week's injury, but I was back this morning and I had the best run I've had (ever? in a long time?) since I can remember. I only had to run 3 miles, but I was feeling faster than normal and I ran them at about a 9:51 average pace. Allow me the indulgence of a celebration... For a 13:00 or 12:00 min/mile kind of girl, this is like winning the Olympics. I'm getting more comfortable being out in the dark and early dawn, so I think that helped too. Good run.

The monkeys went tonight to see Despicable Me with E's aunt, so I had some time to myself. I wish I could say I did something exciting or indulgent, but I don't honestly know what I did. I guess I made dinner. So there's that. Right before he left, Henry told me he was "praying to Santa for a new iPod." I told him there were so many things wrong with that, I wasn't even sure where to begin. Kids.

I thought I had 5 miles to do tomorrow, but I learned a few minutes ago that it's really 6. We'll see how I feel about that in the morning. I think that may be pushin' it for amount of miles I can fit in before work. If I knew I could count on myself to do them as fast as today, it would be no problem, but I always try to over-estimate the time so I'm not late. Mornings are sacred and I need time to ease myself in... since I don't get time after school I try to protect that quiet work time before the kids get there.

So that's about it for the night. I'm hanging out with Marms watching The Daily Show, wishing that there were new shows on but also kind of glad they're not there to distract me from my early sleep time. Maybe I'll go read some more of Native Son. Now there's a plot you want swimming around in your head when you're trying to sleep.

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