Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Field Trip

I love my morning blog routine.  I don't read a paper daily--I tend to surf online when I have a free moment and I listen to talk radio on my brief ride to work in the morning.  But I love my Google Reader.  All those lovely posts waiting for me whenever I have a free minute.  It's like having a newspaper delivered to me every day full of only things I want to read.  Glorious.

I thought today we'd take a field trip through some of my starred items.  There are some fun things out there on the web.

First, we have my friend Heidi, whose pictures of her pregnant ballerina friend make me want to have another baby (just so I can grab my belly proudly while maintaining a fourth position croisee en pointe).  Who am I kidding, though.  I was a whale both times I was pregnant.  How many whales have you seen on pointe?  Oh, and if you're in the mood to be grossed out, read about Heidi's cockroach.  Ew.  Florida, I pass on you.

Oma's been writing a novel, but she's hanging in there with regular posting.  I have no idea how she does this.  This week's posts are about the year she and her husband spent living in York, England.  With a boatload of kids.   I love to read about her travels and life experiences.

I'm in love with anything that combines purple and orange, including this post from Kate at itakephotosinthebathoom.

This post from The Would Be Writers' Guild gave me a good chuckle.

As an educator of teens, I'm always impressed when I discover one with amazing skills.  I've been reading this young lady's work for a few weeks, and she just started a new blog as she heads off to college.  Her take on the perception of teenage girls as portrayed in advertising is pretty spot-on.  But it is nothing compared to this discussion of the message Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" video sends.  Whoever got to teach this girl was one lucky son of a gun.

Hutch is hilarious as usual, and I have to say I'm loving the idea of her hamburger scale.  Read it in action as she calls Melissa Rycroft to task for her hamburgerie.

What else, what else?  I'm newly smitten with another English teachers' blog, Sometimes Sweet.  She's married to a Hank and pregnant with a Henry, so I have to say I enjoy reading her letters to her (almost due) son.  Again, makes me wish we were doing the baby thing all over again.

And the best news of this week?  Tracy, of Tracy on the Cheap is back.  Twice in one week. Welcome back, Tracy!  I missed you

Enjoy your field trip.  Be sure to leave me a few links to follow as well.  I love adding to my list!


  1. Gosh I need to get back on the blog writing bandwagon.. so much going on!

  2. I love posts like these! The pics of the pregnant ballerina friend are completely awesome! What a fantastic idea!

  3. I thought for SURE you spent your pregnancy EN POINTE.

  4. Hey, thanks for the shout-out! I love your blog, and I am a big fan of field trips. Thanks for the great recommendations.