Monday, August 09, 2010

E's first day as an attorney

He doesn't look any different:

On the phone with his mom after the big first day.

...but everything is!

E is just home from his first day on the new job. He's currently giving his mom the highlights on the phone. This is a big day for us. When he accepted an unpaid internship in Lake Tahoe last fall just to get himself out into the world of working adults, we told ourselves it was momentum. When he accepted a position as a sales clerk at Auto Zone just so we could pay for Christmas, we said the same thing. When he got back on with the state and eventually promoted, we made the observation once again.

Momentum has finally propelled us to a happy place. It felt like his law school and studies paid off in a big way when he passed the Bar exam, and this is something even bigger--not as wildly exciting, but it's assurance that everything is going to be okay. We're in this for the long haul and now we have something we can count on.

(paraphrased convo with E from this morning)

Me: How's it going?

E: It's great. Everyone here is great.

Me: You feel like you're that guy, huh?

E: Yeah, I'm seeing Han Solo in my reflection.

E's "moment," as portrayed in (500) Days of Summer

Speaking of (500) Days of Summer, here's how I pictured his first day:

It's a good night!

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  1. Ah the Han Solo moment. Boy, I loved 500 Days of Summer.

    Big congrats! How adorable was that phone call to his mother? And how adorable is the big family portrait hanging behind him?